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Orvis beds


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Are there any other fans of Orvis beds here? We invested in a couple four years ago and though they're definitely an extravagance, I've not regretted it... others have gone lumpy and manky in that time but these are pretty much as good as new.

So, the other day, Jasper looked sadly at the pile of three old manky flattened beds in my study and needed me to plump them up for him, so I decided it was time to add a third to my collection... Just look at his face when I suggested he go on it...


I'd actualy thrown a treat on it but it had rolled down the back and he needed me to get it because he wasn't going to risk standing on this new strange thing.

So then I pointed at it and said 'settle down'... and he went an laid down on the three manky ones :D


I'm going to put one of the old ones upside down on this one for a few days to make it smell right ;)
I may have to buy one, they look great and big... where did you buy it from?
I may have to buy one, they look great and big... where did you buy it from?

From the Orvis website: Orvis UK Official Store: Quality Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Fly Fishing Gear, Dog Beds, Luggage, Travel, Shooting, and Gifts; Since 1856.

The other two he has - one in the front room and one in the bedroom - have a bolster: Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed / Orvis Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed -- Orvis UK But I thought I'd try a flat one this time as he should be warm enough next to the radiator.
I love Jaspers face! I don't believe all the things you say about his guarding @JudyN :p:p
That is a great look on his face - you should have seen mine when I saw the price of them though! Harri may have to make do with his £20 fleecy one for a while yet....

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