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piper's pups

Piper's pups are sired by WCRC Sunshine who won four champs and 28 out of 32 opens.He's full brother to

WCRC Flash Bang Wallop.and at least three other champions.Flash Bang Wallop is sire of the following champions,Just Dandy,Bobby Dazzler and Cost a Bob.Piper's racing name is Pipedream.She was fifth in the Northern PWRC top ten 2001.She's won two best of Breed, Two best in class and one best in field (judged by Shirley Rawlings) in the British Sight Hound Field Association.She's a good pet and an excellent rabbiting dog. We have four dog pups available for sale.
John, they are soooooooo cuuuuute !!!! :)

My bitch Chelsea is due in 5 weeks -but there won't be any black and whites for me :(
How are those pups going John? Have you found homes for them all yet? Got any new pics? I'd love to see how that black boy with the white flash and feet turns out. :p Your Piper really is a very nice bitch! :)
Ooops ! Just had another look at him - "white chest and legs" I should have said :b
hi aslan. The 2 top pups in the pictures have gone now . The black one with white legs has is going to Germany to a racing home on the 15th Feb., he has had his rabies jab and is booked in for a full check up and to get all the neccessary documentation to fly over on the 14th Feb. The dog with brindle patches has gone to a pet home locally, through an advert. in the local paper. I have been to Mark Robert's lure coursing club this afternoon, great fun (apart from the weather), and the added bonus was that Piper won the stake. When I got home a lady from Essex has rung up and spoken to Sue, my wife she seems very keen to find awhite and black dog and is supposed to be ringing tomorrow to arrange to come and see the 2 remaining pups on Tuesday, so lets hope that something comes of that. I think that she could be a racer or courser to have heard of them, and to want a white and black and be prepared to come all this way. Scot and Jo brought their black and white pup Forest to the meeting today so it was nice to see him again. I will have to get another film for the camera and i'll post some pics of the 2 remaining.

Yours in sport John
Hi gang here are new pics of the 2 pups still for sale out of the litter of 7. The pics on the left are each side of one pup and the pics on the right are each side of the other.

View attachment 204
OOOOOOH! He's very handsome Scott! :)

And looks like he owns the place I'd say! :D

I want a black and white SO MUCH! Gonna breed my day!
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The two boys that are left look like quality little fellas too John. Piper and Sunshine have done well IMO.
Here is the one that money can't buy, Daddie's little flowerpot mark 2, Cracker, registered name Crack On, racing name Crack On, watch out for her. Steve why don't you post a picture pf your Black Opal pup?

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