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Pulled something unusual out of my dogs skin

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Is the rounded part at the top right part of the thing or part of his skin?
Is the rounded part at the top right part of the thing or part of his skin?

Thats like his skin and then the thing is coming out of his skin? Here is another 2 pictures of it if these are any help!
I'm with @JudyN on this, I think I'd be getting a vet check. I didn't realise it was under the skin at first. Some flies do, I believe, lay eggs under the skin of mammals so gross as it sounds, it looks like it could be some sort of a parasite like that.
@JudyN @JoanneF I think that's the plan don't want to take any chances although do you think the thing on his neck and the thing we pulled out of his shoulder is the same thing?
Bot files lay their eggs on a hosts hair, the host grooms itself by licking and the eggs are ingested. The eggs hatch and work their way through the body and grow just under the skin. When the bot pupae is ready to hatch it will emerge through a small hole in the skin. !!!
I don't know if they can affect dogs.
I still think maybe some kind of tic. It's rare for flies to be active in winter but any warmish wet weather can activate tics. But agree with everybody else in that only a vet can diagnose. And you don't want an abscess forming at the site.:(
Bot flies lay their eggs in the summer, it quiet probably is not a bot! It does not look like a tick either.
I agree with the others , get the vet to have a look
Thanks for your replies everyone I think we are all agreed that I need to take the boy to the vet. Will keep you posted and if anyone comes across and knows what this is please let us know
bathe the affected area with half a teaspoon of salt with half a mug of water then take the dog to the vets
Funnily enough I came across someone with a similar issue online earlier - Google 'Canine Cutaneous Horn' images and see if you think that's a possibility.
Please Megan put us out of our misery when you get a diagnosis! Good luck to your dog.;)

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