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Havent been posting on here for a while as magically Poppy has decided to behave her self! No more accidents and generally a lovely little dog. She has definatly found her forever home with us... although its become a running joke now to try to off load one of the 15 dogs we have to anyone we meet!!!

But yus!

Our dobe bitch had pups on May 3rd.. kept us up till 4am making sure all pups were delivered ok. At last count we had 5 girl and 5 boys.. and a certification of insanity!

Already done the late night on call vets trips for mum due to raised temps but all are well and gaining weight!

As everyone loves baby pictures... i though you guys would be no different!

First lot are 12 hours old and the last lot are at 3 days old.




3 days old already hogging a tennis ball which mum also seems to think is a puppy!


Now that's an awful lot of puppies!!!!! (w00t)

Well done to mum on producing such a lovely, healthy litter and I'm so pleased to hear that Poppy has turned the corner and all is well :D :thumbsup:
Awww squidgy dobies

Not very interesting though having a litter of dobes...oh its a Black and Tan...and another...and another....and another...unless you have one of the other colours in the parents...

I know!

I was personally hoping for a couple of browns as the sire has it in his lines but black and tan prevailed!

We now have then all with little braided collars on so we can keep tabs on whos who and keep weight records as we have 2 that are trailing behind a little. I used to love it when my mums cats had kittens as the oooooohs and aaahhhhs at the colours were so fun!! We just have a mass moving and squeeking black fur!

It makes me giggle really as i was on another forum, a Dobe related forum but they were such a bunch of arrogant idiots i couldn't bare to go there any more.

This is our first litter, the bitches first litter and i have been so heavily criticized its unreal. back yard breeder etc.. insulting me and just generally calling me an idiot. Wasn't impressed when all i went there for was to ask for some advice as they seem to think experienced breeders just happen and dont realise you have to start somewhere.

The whippy people have been so much more welcoming!!

We would be lost with out poppy now as Bramble is rather preoccupied with the pups, Poppy keeps Bracken (our other dobe) amused.. its like a play toy for her! They chase each other round the garden and now sleep together in the porch! Poppy has since discovered her voice which is the cuttest bark i have ever heard!! She has U-turned with her peeing.. but that said she isnt allowed to sleep near carpet or soft furnishing any more! We let her in a few weeks ago on a trial but she blew it by piddling in the hall way again.

Since the arrival of the puppies i swear my washing machine hasnt stopped nor has the carpet cleaner!!!

That said.. i spent over an hour sitting in there today, mum is very trusting with me and the pups just fall asleep on me. Cant get enough of that puppy smell!!
Lovely shinny pups . Theres no better time waster than puppies but having had 10 whippet pups in one litter I just couldn't imagine having a litter o 10 dobermans when thye are up and about :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
They are beautiful, and sooooo shiny! Just wait until they open their eyes, you will be back to K9 to look for some sanity - not sure you will find it here though :eek: :p :D
What gorgeous babies and what a shine their coats have :wub: :wub: :wub:
What lovely pups.

As long as all necessary health tests were under taken, suitable stud dog used, both dogs are good examples of the breed, sound temp etc etc and pups are raised with the very best, then it is a shame you have been given grief elsewhere.

Best of luck with them
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:eek: 10 :sweating: :sweating:

they look fantastic, just look at the glossy shine to their coats :thumbsup: :wub: :wub:

they are rather cute! not sure if i am looking forward to when they are a little more mobile!!

What gets me is one of the breeders on this other site was so proud about announcing her upcoming litter i had a look, she was breeding 2 dogs which were both carriers for VwD syndrome which can be fatal in dogs. Me even being an inexperienced breeder would just choose another stud if my bitch was a carrier. They were all gushing over her and telling her how wonderful she is .. even though 50% chance they will be carriers and even more so that they would be suffers. Thats irresponsible to me. *sighs*

Although i am now sitting here waiting for the vets to open as my bitch has started bleeding again, not lightly either, just seen it running down her leg. :(
She was fine.... just first time mum me having a panic!

Spiked a temp given antibiotics and then all fine. Next time we take her to the vets after whelping for her shot.

Although going to start a new thread now... i need names!!
aww they are gorguse ,iv wanted one of these for ages ,how do they mix with whippets

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