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Rolo, Oliver and Marley

Rolo is now 17weeks, he spat out 3 teeth at the weekend lovely teething stage :eek:
Poor Rolo had a accident on Monday night and is having to rest for the week! Not easy when all he wants to do is run around.
Here's some pics hes growing quickly.
Poor Rolo - and poor you trying to keep him calm! How did he hurt himself?
Poor Rolo - and poor you trying to keep him calm! How did he hurt himself?
He was having the zoomies and ran straight into my door frame! He screamed poor soul, vet says hes got inflammation i think its his knee its swollen , so hes on loxicom and ive been putting ice on his knee seems to be helping hes so desperate to run lol and i just want to sit down! :D Thank you for asking x
Marley got a new indi dog houdini harness yesterday seems to be working great, ordered one for Oliver. Rolo is growing far too quickly! 5 mth this week!
Gorgeous boys!

How is Rolo now? has he recovered and back to charging round like a mad man?
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Thank you @Josie . Rolo is back to his cheeky self thank goodness! I keep telling everyone to keep the doors closed when hes having the zoomies hopefully it will stop him running into the door frame :rolleyes:

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