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Rolo, Oliver and Marley


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Hi its been busy here! One very energetic puppy lol Rolo is doing great, toilet training is coming along well only wakes up once for a wee at night hes been a gem to have. He seems close to Uncle Oliver and likes to drive him crazy!
Heres some pics sorry most are sleeping as its the only time he sits still x
Love him! What do Oliver and Marley think of their new lil' brother?
Thank you @JudyN
Marley and Oliver are getting on great with him :) it only took a couple of days for them to settle . This is definitely my last pup for a while you forget how energetic they are!
lovely.. totally love other peoples pups, though would never have another myself now!!:D
Thank you x
They are getting along well except for the odd jealous moment from Oliver. I think Oliver wants to still be the baby, so mum is spending more time with him at the moment so he doesn't feel pushed out.
Loving every moment with Rolo he's always up to no good lol

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