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Should Female Puppies Hump Things?

my lovely pretty angelic little italian greyhound bitches love humping the male whippets, even though they have to stand on tippee-toes to do it - the kids call it the Whippet Train!
OMG Josie has really caught the "humpy bug" today. She's always had a bit of a half-hearted go at times all through her puppyhood - but she's been in season for 3 weeks and today is just one big hump-fest (w00t) I've sat at my desk with a one-sided orgy going on :wacko: she does it for 20 minutes, full-on panting, then is so exhausted she crashes out for an hour or so :lol:
Should I be worried - Alfie hasn't attempted to hump a thing in his life?? :oops: :b
Tracy Chamberlain said:
gavo said:
Juley said:
two of my four bitches hump, one of the others is the humpee (w00t) . The fourth girl watches in disgust :lol:

:D :lol: :D :lol:

Thanks Juley, that gave me a right good giggle....

Me too :D

I should never, ever laugh at others misfortune.

I now have a 6 month old boy who is humping like crazy and I have my very own humpee (w00t) a four month old little boy :blink:
I have a 11 month old female pom who had her 1st heat session in September. I recently caught her humping my 7yr old male pom. My question is could this be a sign that she will be going in heat? I'm hoping to breed them this year coming.

(Btw im new here hellow to every one :D ).
My two girls have never done..............yet :unsure:
:D :D lmao this is great to read phoebe humps lorna,s leg all the time and we were worried that she may do it in front of other people or try it with other people!! she,s been doing it since she was tiny she is 2 in january and she really goes for it now lol its never been my leg just lorna,s and my god is she strong phoebe that is not lorna lol we have laminate flooring so i have to put a blanket or rug on the floor so she doesnt skid abt when humping she climbs on lorna,s leg and she doesnt stop last night she did it all through xfactor!!! shes worse after a long walk not sure why but im so pleased to read that its a common they ever grow out of it???? or is lorna best to try and build up some muscle in her leg lol....oh yes and do yor dogs laugh at you when they have finished?? phoebe has the biggest grin on her face when shes all done like shes laughing at lorna then jumps up on my lap and cuddles in grinning lol. x
My Minnie and Poppy have started to hump each other too, since Minnie has been in season.
I have only one humper, she gets over-excited and away she goes (she is 2 and a half but when she goes "humpy" she also tries to suckle her mother teats).

What is even stranger is when she goes on the park or down the woods etc. and she sniffs a tree, post etc. that she likes she will cock her leg and pee up it :- "

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