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Should Hunting Be Banned in Scotland/Wales/England

Should Hunting Be Banned in Scotland/Wales/England

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Hi Dawn

         I've sent u a private e/mail using the link on you're web site.

Well all I've visited the site in question and left a post, i've done nothing underhanded, i've posted a polite post warning of the dangers of the new hunting bill,I've also made it clear i'm not there to convert anyone just to ask if any other users are at all concerned by the new bill as i',m sure the police wont differenciat between rescue/non rescue dogs?.

unfortunatly reading the dictatoral replys by certain members of the site, I dont think the post will remain on site for long, it seems mainly to be used by bad mannard ignorant anti hunt people who have their heads that far up their own ar I think I should stop there.

but from what he says about you and you're whippets if anyone would like a good worker i'd definatly give Dawn a shout. :p

Sorry Dawn as a fellow breeder I know how annoyed and upset you must feel at having you're dogs and name bad mouthed for no good reason.

PS: i've saved my post ? just in case and anyone wanting to see it is more than welcome PM me with ur e/mail address.
Hi All

      Well i've been deleted from the above descussed site?

it seems i've wrote something that offended the boards moderator, my post lasted for exactly 17 mins from the time of hitting the post button it was viewed no fewer than 59 times in that 17 mins, for my trouble I recieved a very rude reply from a gent? (ha) called Ray.

I did read a post in dog chatter? page 3 that was about hunting that stated that if when the ban came in, that innocent dog owners dogs chassed a squirrel and got siezed then distroyed that was OK as long as hunting is banned.

now I might not be the brightest bulb in the pack but that smacks of double standards and hypocracy and all that from a Animal Welfare site, looks to me like true colours being shown.

Hi Mark

This is the message I actually posted that caused all the hassle it was from a friend who has Bracco's:

When are we marching?

Following the Government's announcement on the timing of a vote,which is in accordance with the commitment given last year in the Queen's Speech, we can confirm that there are no plans to march in response to that announcement. This is not a vote on a Bill but a vote on the options previously presented to Parliament. However, if the Government does bring forward legislation, following that vote, to ban hunting a massive new Liberty and Livelihood march in London is a racing certainty.

The tone of our strategy will be set by the announcement,

which the Government has said it will make on the way forward, before Easter.

We are constantly reviewing the logistics for possible events in London or elsewhere in the UK.  The March team is on standby and we are in touch with London Authorities to keep an eye on dates so that we are ready.

The Alliance will continue to review whether any event is

appropriate to coincide with the votes in Westminster on 18th and 19th March in the Commons and Lords respectively. Whatever is decided will be designed to show that those who support hunting are reasonable, decent and law abiding people.  The object will be to strengthen the resolve of our supporters in Westminster, to convince the undecided of the rightfulness of our cause and to expose the lies of our opponents.

We will let you know in plenty of time of any planned events.

The Countryside Alliance's resolve to oppose a ban is

undiminished and we will not hesitate to relaunch a massive

demonstration if political circumstances require -

but timing is everything.

The essential thing now is for everyone to write to their MPs and to Peers reminding them, now that Lord Burns has resolved the issue of cruelty in favour of hunting, the vote is simply a question of whether the MP or Peer supports civil liberty or not.

No MP, particularly those with rural parts to their

constituency, and no Peer, should be able to say they have

received no letters from those who support hunting.

Please read the guidelines on lobbying members of parliament

and writing to the press and also the message from

John Jackson. [see the links below]

Richard Burge

Chief Executive Countryside Alliance

Sam Butler

Chairman, Campaign for Hunting
Hi Dawn

         The post that offended them was the circular sent out by the Countryside Alliance a few days ago.

I think the narrow minded members would be affended by any word that contained the word hunt? i've heard that a person from Cheshunt tried to register but was turned down for supporting hunting.

To use a fraze a friend of mine that uses this site gave me.

Well said Mark!!!!

Hi Beejay

I have mailed u the address.

You forgot to mention the taboo issue of removal of dew claws we have been flamed over that issue.

You will not feel left out for long Im sure once you post on the said taboo board you will be banned!!

Good luck in your quest!!!!!


Bleeding hearts and hand wringers really annoy me. They bang on about everyone's rights and yet when it suits them ignore peoples rights to free speech! What's the web site, I'd like to take a look ?


I live on the borders of scotland, some of my land goes into scotland!, i have two lurchers that follow me around when am checking up on my stock, what if my dog catches a hare or rabbit on the scotish side? am not going out coursing they just come with me? am i breaking any laws? must i stop taking my dogs on my own land ?
Well I'm not really "up" on the hunting scene, but in my opinion, animals nead to be controlled in  a humane manner. Ideally I suppose catching, the animals and giving them an injection would possibly be best but not really practical. So what is the most practical way, dogs, traps, guns ? I suppose there are pluses and minuses for each, but I would hate to see thousands of hunting dogs put down because they were no longer used, so hunting with dogs in some ways is the best option.

So, in your eyes it's ok for animals (TO BE USED) tested on, blinded and heaven knows what else, just so that your children can be healthy,  I disagree we don't  know what goes off in these places and what pain is being inflicted on the animals ,   BAN TESTING ON ANIMALS, BAN FOX HUNTING NOW, it is a CRUEL sport. oh it may be a good day out for you, think about the poor fox , would you like to be hunted like that, no i think not. leave the fox alone it does you no harm , I believe it is up to the farmer to sort out his land and his vermin. WOULD IT HURT NOT TO KILL !!!!!!!!!!! :angry:
Well said Pat, I  lived  surounded  by   feilds  when I was growing up and saw for myself what a hound can do to a hare.

It still gives me nightmares. As for testing on animals. Thay could find a cure for me tomorrow, but if thay had used animals to do it then Im afraid I would turn the treatment down.

As I have done before.
The problem with allowing a bill to go through that BANS HUNTING WITH DOGS, is what do the 'anti's' go after next? Shooting? Certainly. Fishing? Highly likely. Horse Racing? Well we've had that at the National already. Dog Racing? Well it would be the logical next step. To discover what these people really want, visit the PETA website, an extremly powerful American org. that has already appeared in the UK and is clever in attracting 'stars' to support it.

I personally don't understand why people fox hunt with hounds, but if it goes who knows what will be next??

what has dog racing got to do with it!!!!   we don't let our dogs chase after live animals , we won't get banned from racing due to dogs chasing an onion bag, so come on all you animal lovers, stick up for them.........
I'm an animal lover hence 10 dogs and 2 fish, but I'm not for or against hunting.....far more important things going on in the world, I'd rather see more police, better nhs, better schools etc than the government wasting tax payers money banning hunting,.

Horse, greyhound and whippet could be on the hitlist, it may be an innocent sport to us, but lets face it in racing, animals get injured......if you listen to the antis....these animals get injured to give us( humans) pleasure!!! this may be percieved as cruelty!!

if hunting is banned people will lose jobs and there way of life, and is it really necessary.I think the alternative to hunting with hounds is more barbaric, would you like to be

1) poisioned....very slow death, also killing small animals which may feed on its carcass

2) snared.....very slow painful death

3) shot .....not everyone is a good shot, may also be slow and painful

hunting with hounds does'nt seem so bad afterall !!!!
Good post Michelle! As Paul said PETA are gaining ground in this country. Their cover is that of an animal welfare/right's organisation. However they are against ALL!animal "exploitation". This includes pet ownership. The grand plan is that all domesticated animals are neutered & allowed to become extinct. I've personally never rejoiced in the death of any animal but hunting preserves are a guarantee of remaining animal habitats & having dogs fit to hunt ensures healthy functional animals. Their are some animal lovers who think racing dogs/horses & exposing them to possible injury is "cruel". Many years ago a greyhound tore it's leg off on Oldham race track. A terrible freak accident but the local press & some of the national press made a meal of it. The same scenario could happen again.

Terry Smith
pat/pete said:
what has dog racing got to do with it!!!!   we don't let our dogs chase after live animals , we won't get banned from racing due to dogs chasing an onion bag, so come on all you animal lovers, stick up for them.........
and what has fishing got to do with it? I am an active coarse fisherman and treat the fish and countryside with respect. However, many people want it banned, it doesn't matter that without anglers most of our rivers would be polluted to these people. As I said I'm not a fan of hunting with dogs, but what were greyhounds and their like breed for? Hunting, if I'm not mistaken...and these people in years to come to come will want coursing, racing and ownership banned as they consider it explotation. I'm sorry but that is how it is, and I have to be honest and say foxes a disease ridden pests...sorry but they are..
Well as michelle says i either are for it or against it ,but have wondered what will happen to these people whos lively hoods depend on these sports ,what must they be thinking and wondering what they can do for a living if the government ban these sports. I have a cousin thats married to a gamekeeper, there house and car as well as there income all comes form a lord.They have 3 kids and god knows how many dogs they keep for diffrent purposes, they are saying that they wouldnt have a clue what they would do if these laws come into pratice.

I also wonder what would happen to the many animals that are keeped for hunting, many horses and hounds are only keep for hunting its breed in them and think they would all go round the twist if they were not getting there excercise, which i know is a great amount.Just sit back and think how many of these animals will loss there lives.

I also think that if hunting was banned that people would still continue to hunt as it breed into them once a person has the taste for a sport that they love they will go to any amount to continue doing what they love
you are right, you are either for it or against it, I am against killing any animal for sport or pleasure and think it is cruel to chase a fox untill it is exausted just so a pack of hounds can rip it to pieces!!!!  so what do you all think about experiments on animals , i suppose that too is  ok  in your eyes?????
The proposed legislation DOES NOT outlaw the klkilling of animals for sport or pleasure you can still shoot, snare, trap, spear, crossbow or use bow and arrow to kill vermin. The legislation is specificaly anti-dog/anti-dog owner and if you think it won`t affect you your deluded. History,as with the dangerous dogs act shows that innocent owners are more likely to be affected than the intended targets.

If your dog chases a rabbit while exercising off-lead and it is seen by an animal rightist and reported you could end up losing your dog, the dog being distroyed, banned from keeping dogs  your car being confiscated and fined.

Animal experimentation has no connection with hunting .
I have to agree with Michelle, once hunting with hounds is banned, the anti's will NOT go away. On the subject of vivesection, I would say I'm against it, however how many of us have had our closest rescued by procedures and medicines that were tested previously on animals? I think I'm being hypocritical, but there it is. I remember visiting a slaughter house as a kid (my mates Dad worked there) it was disgusting, and you could see the fear, but I still eat meat, as do all our dogs I presume...where is the division between right and wrong?

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