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Should Hunting Be Banned in Scotland/Wales/England

Should Hunting Be Banned in Scotland/Wales/England

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As I have not seen the legislation I can not comment on it, but i have reread all the comments made on this issue and  even though i disagree with fox hunting i would not like to be classed as one of the people who banned the lady from her site. If the bill has already gone through in scotland, then i would like to know how many dogs have been destroyed due to chasing squirrels etc. because my oppinion differs from yours does that make me deluded, i think not. ignorant of the proper situation maybe,  then enlighten me :p   :p   :p
Your opinion is valued and respected and I have always hated foxhunting. And, without repeating myself when hunting with dogs is banned, the ANTI's will not go away, next is shooting and fishing (the largest participant sport in the UK). They have already targeted horse racing (as seen in The Grand National), they are anti greyhound racing (although they like to keep this quite), these people will not go away, they have an agenda that is also very political.
Hi, I have read alittle about this subject now and realise what you all are on about, i find its not just banning fox hunting, which i must admit I am against killing foxes with hounds, but of many other bans which  is taking the livelyhood away from many people who live in the countryside. Why does the government not stick to banning fox hunting , why does everything have to be so complicated all the time. I still think fox hunting should be banned but the rest of the rubbish should be where it can do no harm , in the dust bin. sorry if i have affended any one , its just my own thoughts on the subject...see u :p   :p   :p

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