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Sooty Sam


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I have recently become the proud owner of a whippet whose pedigree figures Sooty Sam heavily. Noticed the advert in Countrymans Weekly. Can anybody shed any light on who he is/was?
Hi Sally

          The name Sooty Sam rings bells but can you give us a few more names from the pedigree.
Hope this makes some sense


                                                  Black Lance

                                                           Blue Suede

                                 Sooty Sam


                                                  Gillscar Soft Whisper

Sire Neath's Nice Boy                           Fine Lace

                                 Little Black Mollie

                           Long Run (Brother of Fly's Girl)

Dam Madam Sha                

                            Fly's Girl           Sooty Sam

                                            Fast Fly


Don't know if this is any help!! I have never had a dog with a pedigree before and am finding it really interesting, particularly as I got P Moran- Healy's book for christmas and found a photo of Oakbark Generation Girl who is the dam of Oakbark Miss Lilly!  Any info will be enthusiastically received! Thanks

HI Sally

          it's the Long Run x Flys Girl mating is where I saw the Sooty Sam name in a pedigree i've seen.

if I think of anything i'll post it but not sure I can help much. (Sorry)

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Hi Sally

An interesting request for info on Sotty Sam.

I saw one of his pups course with the EAWCC once but little else.  I've never heard of any quality whippets race with him in their pedigree.  So he seems to be a dog not well used.  I also would be interested as he seem to be building a reputation.
Hi Rob

I don't know anything about Sooty Sam but that I think I have noticed his name as a sire of quite a lot of litters in the Breed Record Supplements a while back so I think he might actually have been quite a well used dog. Your right though, he's not behind any of the racing dogs that I know of.
Sorry bit out of date.

Sooty Sam,little bit of info on him in Whippet News April 2006 pages 35,36

Grand sire of my dog on both sides
i own a line bred sooty sam bitch and yes she's not a race dog but forgive me but this thread wasn't posted in the racing section. Sooty sam lines are known to make good working whippets i know first hand about this. I bred a multipurpose whippet by mating a line bred sooty sam bitch to racing lines. infortunately she's no longer with us now.

Sooty sam was a prolific sire covering such bitches as Rabbit Runner, Oakbark miss lilly,Silk cut lady, Sally Honey,Gorwynne Glissando, Fast fly,spritely Rabbit, Whipper in, Lady of the Night, Mystic Sight, Little Black Mollie,Fosseland whispering wind, Nimrodel silver minnow and Gorwynne spring romance, to name a few !!!!

people who keep sooty sam lines from my experience work there whippets and work them hard i for one wouldn't consider keeping any other line of whippet for the working field.

Sally 'fast fly' was my bitches dam (lucky girl)
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Sooty Sam was bred by a Mr Croft-Slater, by his dog Black Lance (who had mainly Laguna behind him) out of a bitch Gillscar Softwhisper (Martinsell, Laguna with Shalfleet, Nimrodel and more Laguna behind that). He seems to have been very widely used as a working sire, and very intesively within his owner's line.

His descendents are usually adverstised as Lagunas (or, equally often, as Lugunas or Lagooners) as his owner Mike Brown does not have a kennel name/affix but this is not strictly correct, as this affix belongs Lilah Bond Gunning who is still breeding occasional litters. Hope this clarifies.

There is a picture of Sooty Sam on Mike Brown's website:

hi hunn

my harleys mam is related closley to sooty sam! i will have a look through his papers and tell you how!

maz xx
Pennymeadow Whippets said:
No Sooty Sam was Black & was a fine working whippet for Mike Brown

Out of interest how tall was he? He looks whopping in this photo compared to the one on Mike Brown's site...
For some reason I've got it in my head that someone on here said that he was 23". Is this correct?
moriarte said:
BeeJay said:
For some reason I've got it in my head that someone on here said that he was 23".  Is this correct?
That's what I heard too - but he doesn't look it that first picture.

i don't know how big the dog himself was but i do know of a dog sired by him that was 23 inches :thumbsup:
also seen quite a few pups by him that were small so i should think the dams have had a lot to do with the pup size... maybe as much as 50% to do with it (w00t) :- "
moriarte said:
BeeJay said:
For some reason I've got it in my head that someone on here said that he was 23".  Is this correct?
That's what I heard too - but he doesn't look it that first picture.

There are pleny of whippets in the show ring that are close to 23 inch & they dont carry sooty sam lines & in the 80s i remember seeing a Linda Wren bred racing whippet put on the scales at the Northern weigh in at 42lbs & approx 23inch the following Kennel club investigation proved nothing

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