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Strange posts on the forum !

No idea and I'm not clicking the link which appears to be the same in several of the posts but they do seem to have an opinion on everything from how to write an essay, to alcohol and its effect right through to crime in the Netherlands..!
If its all the work of one person you would have to admire them for their hard work if nothing else but I suspect its a team of spammers.
Looks like a spam attack. I've reported a few of the threads and messaged Josie and Oliver. Guess they have some house cleaning to do!
I have reported them too then put the sender on ignore so I don't see them any more.
Thank you for letting me know. I am aware of these spam attacks.

Usually dodgy email addresses are flagged to me before they even hit the website. But these ones seem to be slipping through - driving me mad! :mad:

Please just ignore the posts and I will deal with them.
I have been seeing the posts and what ever you do don't click on the links!
This is because as soon as you click it can put a virus on your laptop/computer/phone/ipad

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