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Sudocrem- yes or no


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Hi all,

A little advice on at home remedies- trying to save on vet bills!!!

My dog Bear went through bushes/brambles about a week ago and now has a hot spot on his leg.

it was just red when we first got him home, but he keeps messing with it and its now inflamed and lumpy. No broken skin or anything thankfully! If the skin does break I will take him to the vet without doubt.

I have been told that sudocrem is good thing to use on dogs, but I'm not sure.

Saying that, I did shave the area last night with some clippers, washed it with salt water and then popped some sudocrem on it. It didnt look any better this morning so just wanted to pop a message on here to see if anyone has any other ideas, that can help, or if sudocrem does really work?

My poor boy is currently got his cone on and not a happy pooch, so sooner I can get this rash gone the better!!

Thank you in advance.
Hi- yes its fine for dogs :thumbsup: But I usually use medical grade Manuka honey on anything that looks a bit inflamed- it fights infections and reduces the need for antibiotics.

You can buy it quite cheaply on ebay.

Has he maybe got a spike of blackthorn in his leg? Its horrible stuff. Hope he's better soon :luck:
do a check for thorns and yes sudocrem is fine, my vet knows i use it and they say thats fine..
Great stuff thank you!

There are no thorns or anything thankfully! He didnt like it but I gave him a good checking over to make sure, as I know an infection can come on if they are stuck under his skin.

I took his cone off this morning to walk him (and give him a break as he is so miserable with it on!) and he was fine, but then when I wasnt looking and before I got a chance to put the cone back on him, he licked it til it bled the little swine!

Anyway, lumps have gone, it's now just a rash and now a slight sore cus of his sneaky excessive licking, and I've laid off the sudocrem until I got some feed back, so thank you! I'll pop some more on him later!
unless it pours with blood i always let my dogs lick their sores as it will help..
I agree that medical grade manuka honey is great. We used on Louis stopper pad.
Thank you for your input! It's been really helpful!

I couldnt get my hands on any manuka honey quick enough but I have used sudocrem the last few days and it seems to have done the trick. The hot spot is healing nicely and he got to have his cone off today, so I have one very excited dog on my hands now as he hates his cone! lol

Thank you again.
I used to be a rep for Sudocrem and the vast majority of my samples went to district nurses and health visitors who swore by it for everything from stings to sunburn on their horses. If you think about it, Sudocrem has to be safe for babies to eat from the pot, so it's about as non-toxic as it can be.

The good thing is that it's got a local anaesthetic in it (tested with adults so they can tell the doctors which areas of rash itch or hurt more than others) so it's not just going to reduce redness, keep away infection etc,, it's also going to take away stinging and itching while it does it :)
HIs hot spot has cleared up nicely now! He just has a bald patch where I shaved him and his skin is still a little red, but he has stopped messing with it now that the lumps from the rash have gone!

Sudocrem will be what i'll use from now for his cuts and scrapes!

Genius!!!! :)
Glad everything is better - something I have never heard of before using sudocrem or Manuka honey! Great advice!
I have used Sudocrem, my friends also use it on their horses, it works really well and is gentle on the skin! It's a good all round cream and doesn't cost the earth.
I thought I’d raise this topic again as I would be interested to see what people think about using:

Sudocrem (I use this)

Savalon (haven’t used this but vet said it’s safe to use)

Manuka honey (haven’t used but very interested about it from previous conversations)

Have you used any of these?

Are there any other things safe to use without visiting the vets?
I would use things like Sudocrem only where my dog couldn't lick (he is a terrible licker) or just before a walk so he would be distracted from licking. Manuka honey would be licked off before it had the chance to work!

Coconut oil is good for minor dry patches and safe if licked.

Zinc is toxic to dogs though and is present in some creams and sun lotion. The dog would need to consume a fair amount for it to be a significant risk but if you had a small dog and needed to use it regularly, I would look for an alternative.
I have also used Sudocrem on the advice of our vet when Jimmy had a hot spot, but he was also given an injection too to fight off any infection. I think there's a post on this around here somewhere ;)
No experience with using Sudocreme on dogs but when I used it on my children's nappy rash it could clear it up a treat but if I carried on using it their skin would get red, dry and flaky. So I wouldn't want to use it on a regular basis.
Dennis has had an ongoing skin problem on his stomach. I first noticed what appeared to be scabs on his belly but the skin wasn't red and he hadn't been itching or scratching so I bathed it and left it a few days. This didn't work!

So off to the vet we went and he gave us some fungal shampoo and said he was to be bathed twice a week for two weeks (Bathing a lab is a big operation:eek::eek::eek:) but this is what I did. I noticed a great improvement.

Then recently I noticed it had returned slightly (aaaaaaaah) so I coated him in a good layer of sudocrem and 'touch wood' his belly has been fine since! good old sudocrem!

Hopefully we won't need a return trip to the vets!
If using Manuka honey please make sure it's medical grade such as acivon and not one bought from the supermarket, also when the wound starts to heal you must stop using it as it can cause over granulation (over healing).
If using Manuka honey please make sure it's medical grade such as acivon and not one bought from the supermarket, also when the wound starts to heal you must stop using it as it can cause over granulation (over healing).
I didn't know about stopping it, thank you for that info @Mi_chelle

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