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Tanya's Fun Runs

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Great pictures especially the action shots !!

Liked the one of Tanya and Mabel I expect she won from the smiley face !!!!!!!!! o:)

Wish I could have been there !

Hopefully there'll be videos up soon too :thumbsup:
hi all

just got in from the airport a few mins ago, would like to say a big thanks to tanya, had a great time at the weekend :huggles: ... also the pics look great lampy. :thumbsup:

lets hope it becomes a regular event!!!

Videos are being edited as i type so will be uploaded to total lurcher tomorrow

thanks again :cheers:

What happened on SUNDAY ? I can't view this here :(



Tracey x

Not sure if others had trouble viewing..


Just wondering if this works....


It's great did well considering you had all ya gadgets around your neck and holding the dogs :thumbsup:



Tracey X
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JOEBOY said:
That looked good fun , was that in Norfolk ,Joe
yes it joe and if you are in the area please feel free to come along and see us all , we are considering the option of setting up a regular club , all running dogs will be welcome :thumbsup:
Thanks posh totty ,i would like that .Im in Wells next the sea .Were are you ,
Well done, a good video :thumbsup:

Sada came and watched it ears up like a radar :lol: think she was looking for herself.
yeah my pair get very excited when i play it ...... wonder if Bloggs knows that incessant racket is him?

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