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Tech help please!!


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In the last few days I seem to be getting bombarded with GIANT adverts all through the dog forum, at the top, in between posts etc... This has never happened before and is incredibly annoying:mad:.. I just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this or if it's just me and I've done something without knowingo_O
I am a bit of a bugger for disallowing cookies and things wherever I go online as I find it annoying to be asked all the time, so it is quite possible I've done something:oops:(I don't actually understand most of the time the consequences of my button pushing sadly:confused:)
If anyone can help I would be really grateful especially if you could use a non tech language I may have half a chance of understanding please!:D
You can download ad blockers. I use one, it's great - no ads at all.

What you need depends on your device (laptop, tablet, phone) and if it is pone whether you use android or apple.
I am getting exactly the same and don't know why !!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

And it's only with this site:mad::mad:
Josie and Oli have introduced ads as a way of raising funds to run the forum - hosting costs can be quite expensive. I'm hoping they're going to tone them down a bit as though I wanted to help them raise funds, I got fed up of wading through about 12" of ads to get to the forum bits, so my Adblock is back on again.

If you don't have an adblocker (I use Adblock Plus), I'd definitely suggest downloading it.
Yes, absolutely free. What platform do you use? i.e. Windows on PC, a Mac, tablet or phone?
Ok, will try and download Adblock plus, I presume I just google that name? Also I still use windows 7 on my lap top, will it work for that do you think? Don't ask about my phone, it is an Android but I never turn the wifi on as I got fed up with all the app stuff, I spent the first few months arguing with the damn thing and disallowing everything until I realized I could just turn the wifi daughter used to laugh coz everytime she saw me looking at it I was scowling:mad::D
I am finding these really intrusive. Glad it isn't just me.
Also I still use windows 7 on my lap top, will it work for that do you think?

Should do, but I'm just talking to Mr R about it as I don't want to go advising people to download stuff and finding it's broken something!

What browser do you use? That might make a difference too.
OK... You should be fine if you go to Adblock Plus | The world's #1 free ad blocker, which I think will detect your browser, and click on 'Get Adblock Plus for [browser]'. Once it's installed, you should get a symbol that says 'APB' somewhere on the top right of your page, and you can click on it to enable or disable it.

I have mine turned on as default, but sometimes have to turn it off to be allowed to read a website, and occasionally turn it off to benefit a website if I think it deserves it (and if it's not too intrusive).
Friend's with Benefits... Sign up now.

Thats a good one for a dog forum. Perhaps they will take the dog for a walk.
That's the benefit ..... I think not he says with a cheeky grin.
I wasn't sure if the ads were being tailored to the individual at first, but then they started offering me reading glasses, and retirement homes in Dorset... Now I'm getting an epilepsy alarm, bathroom shop, something about optimising content for voice search... and blimmin' anti-bark collars!
Hats off to you, JudyN. Have just downloaded the app and it’s refreshing not to have a cluttered site.
Apologises everyone for all the ads. As Judy has mentioned we want to be able to keep this forum a free place for people to communicate but there are quite a lot of running costs to do this!!

So please bare with us while we trial new things to help us AND the forum run at its best. The forum is owned by myself and my husband not a corporate company.

Thank you for your support
Thanks Josie - I'm sure you'll find a happy medium :)
I have Windows 10 on my basic table top computer.
Is the ad blocker very easy to use? It must be very very easy for me though :rolleyes::oops:o_O
This forum is running in "Google Chrome"
Is the ad blocker very easy to use? It must be very very easy for me though :rolleyes::oops:o_O

Yes, absolutely. I'm not sure exactly what happens when you click to download it, but once it's installed it's very straightforward - if you have any problems I'm happy to talk you through it, with screenshots if needed :)
Thank you @JudyN .
We have a lot to do today and mornings are always busy too.
I may have a go later.
I have never done a download,this could be my biggest problem:rolleyes:.
I had a look yesterday at the ad block thing and I always get really nervous downloading/installing, well, anything really!
So haven't done it ... yet...I always feel a bit like a fish out of water and I think I am just way too suspicious when something is free(present company of this lovely forum excepted!;))..
@Josie It seems to be working better now, funny the first ad up though was for tech support!:D:D:D:D

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