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Teddy's Diary


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My name's Teddy and I'm a 4 month old golden english cocker spaniel. I live in Scotland with my Mum, Dad and two little humans. Because I'm a big boy now I go to work everyday with my Dad :D I like going for walks on the beach, chewing anything and everything and food. I'm getting really good at being toilet trained now but Mum doesn't want to speak to soon ;) I don't really like having my ears cleaned, it feels funny :confused:

Here is a picture of me walking on the coastal path with my Mum. We like to go there early evenings to escape the tiny humans for a bit :p:D

See you soon,

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Hello Teddy! You are a very lucky boy to have a quiet beach to walk on.
It's my favourite part of living in this area
Which coastal path do you use Teddy?
I look forward to seeing more about what you get upto in your diary Teddy :)
Helloooo everyone,

I went for my first haircut on Wednesday and my groomer Karen said I was a very good boy :) I'm currently on my way to visit relatives for the weekend... and terrorise my Grandma's 13 year old dog hehehe she loves me really!

It's a 4.5 hour drive and I'm a really good boy in the car. Hopefully, I'll continue to be good all weekend ;)

Teddy x


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What a cutie! Do you know what shampoo/conditioner the groomers used? Your fur is so silky and looks so smooth, bet you get all the other dogs looking at you when you walk down the road :)
Evening all, just dropping in to tell you all that Mummy gave me a cut amd blow-dry today and I feel F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. She says I'm the most beautiful boy ever :) I went on a really long, sunny walk today. I loved it. Me and Mum have just been playing fetch and tug in the garden. I like to pretend that I'm going to give Mum the toys then run away with them :D I also like to hide my toys in various places in the garden because Mum loves going out at the end of the day to find and collect them all.

I have a new arch-nemesis. The children's hobby horse! He keeps looking at me funny. So I buried him head-down in one of my massive holes in the garden. Then Grandma said I wasn't allowed to play with him anymore :( spoilsport!

Bye for now,


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