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Teddy's Diary

Hi everyone, I am 8 months old now and have reaaalllllyyyy long legs... I'm still handsome too. If not more so :) Not much to tell really, I spent Saturday playing with my best friend, an 8 month old samoyed puppy called Leelah. I like humping her face. I like to go on longer walks now too, it makes me a really good boy in the house. I'm currently drying out as I had to have a bath after my walk tonight :( I only wanted to go swimming. I will probably roll in fox poo tomorrow, they never learn. Teddy xx
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I like humping her face :emoji_face_palm::D
Quick update: we have mlved from Scotland back to England. Ted has matured in to the loveliest dog we could wish for. All the hard puppy months and training have paid off. He's brilliant in the house, if he has to be left while I'm at work, with the children, off the lead etc. Etc. Unfortunately my Mum's old sheltie passed away in April to cancer, she was 14 and deteriorated pretty quickly. My mum has just rehomed an 8 month old pomeranian x poodle called Maia :) she has been to visit this week with my mum and has been playing none stop with Ted. Cuteness all round.

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