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Official Ten Year Tags 2019-06-02


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Tagmaster submitted a new resource:

Ten Year Tags - Made in England from Brass

We got tired of our dog name tags falling to bits or just going missing every 6 months or thereabouts, so we made a better one. Out of solid brass.

The thickest, strongest brass.
The deepest engraving
Hand-made in Hertfordshire using recycled tools
Guaranteed for ten years, wait for it, even if you lose it!

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Really? I thought this would be stupidly expensive but its not ...10 quid is nothing.. and a donation to charity as well..
Thumbs up from me.
Jasper's tag is wearing thin - we get them done locally but they don't last long. I think I'm going to order one of these this evening & will report back:)
Jasper's new tag arrived today - it's really lovely and should last much longer than the ones we've had before. The packaging was also gorgeous, from the wax seal on the envelope to the little poem on the tissue paper. I can't believe it was only £10 and comes with such a great guarantee!

My only tiny niggle is that the tin it came in, though very cute, is unnecessary packaging - I'm going to have to find something to put in it now and I already have a collection of 'too nice to throw away but I've run out of things to put in them' boxes. But I feel a bit curmudgeonly even mentioning that...
That’s great @JudyN - maybe you can leave them a paw star review?

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