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This is me and my dog Lula

Doggy Treat Box

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Doggy Treat Box
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I started a business called Doggy Treat Box at Doggy Treat Box because I lost my work from home job which was allowing me to stay at home and look after her.

So I didn't have to give Lula away I started our Doggy Treat Box business selling monthly dog treats, take a look here: Doggy Treat Box

We are currently looking for more subscribers and looking to advertise on this website. We are in talks with the owners.

Thanks for taking a look,

Lee & Lula xx
@Doggy Treat Box , I had a look at your website. One thing I couldn't see was how much of each item you get. It's not that I personally need to know, so no need to answer here, but I think it would be an important thing to put on your website.

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