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Up and over dog crate door


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Can anybody advise where we can buy a flip-over door dog crate please?

I found one on e-bay for a reasonable price and was in a rush and didnt take a note of the page - now I cant find it!!! :(

Any suggestions please|?

Do you mean a animal catcher crate?
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Do you mean a animal catcher crate?
That sounds a bit sinister!! lol - what is that?

Its a normal looking dog crate but instead of the doors sticking out, the front door flips back over onto the top of the crate. I cant believe that they are so hard to come by. I wish the doors would fold back on a crate, they stick out and are annoying. We don't have a big space where they are situated so it would be so much easier for us. It wouldn't have to be the front door, any door would be good. If only they could be pulled back flat against the side. Oh the problems in my life!!;)
Oh the problems in my life!!

Haha! First world problems, eh! Sorry I don't have an answer but there are people who custom make crates so that might be worth exploring.

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