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We Did It! 4 Beautiful Puppies


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I'm a it worried about Molly. I've read about bitches being 'puppy proud' but I'm really quite shocked by Molly's behaviour. She wont now allow us to touch the pups at all - fine, that's what I thought puppy proud would be like. But since the birth she hasn't left the whelping box for a second! Dani and I only managed to remove the soiled news paper and old bath towel this afternoon - she growled the whole time. She is very warey when we are in the room - watches us all the time and sometimes shields the pups. She refuses to go in the garden - wont budge from the pups. I'm pretty sure that it's not just the puppy's waste that she's eating Also she wont leave it to eat or drink - the bowls are right next to the whelping box. We have been bringing her food bowl to her, and her water bowl too. What do we do? I'm worried she isn't drinking enough - the bed isn't wet at all this evening and there is no evidence of any other puddles. Do I stop bringing the food / water to her even though she is clearly hungery? She seems to be getting worse if anything - shaking and low growling a moment ago. Do we leave her alone as much as possible or do we just get on with our normal routine or do something in between?

ps. Thanks to everyone who offered advise on whelping. I was sat with books and printouts, but basically molly knew what to do :D I felt better for being prepared though. Thanks aagin :thumbsup:
Please check your e-mail I have just sent you a message....

Congtratulations on your arrival, :wub: hope you get the advice you need :luck: and pics would be nice if she lets you take any :sweating:

We've got a bitch like that, she went from being very gentle & loving to being like a demon once her pups arrived.

is there one she feels more relaxed with than anyone else? if so thats the person that should do everything with her (putting food in ext)

Keep all well wishers and "I want to see little puppies" well away from her while she so stressed and protective theres plenty of time for that later.

Just keep her quiet and let her bond/settle with her new puppies and she will come round in time, may be a week or 2.

when you need to clean the bed ect try leaving you door to the out side open and go out if she follows you a second person can do what ever needs doing bedding change ect and a quick check that the pups are ok.

The main thing is on no account stress her untill she relaxes with her pups.

she's only doing the natural thing and protecting her babies.

Just relax the hard bit comes for you when they reach 4-5 weeks old and mum stops cleaning up after them LOL :thumbsup:
Congratulations on your new arrivals :cheers: Hope Mum soons settles down with you :thumbsup:
CONGRATS!!! :cheers:

no advise sorry I haven't had litter yet :- "

so how many pups is there and do you know what sex and colour? WELL DONE!

Molly is just being a good Mum and protecting her babies,I can't really offer advice on this as our bitch was'nt like that at all with me, other people yes.

As long as she is drinking and eating plenty because lactating takes a lot out of the bitch.The only one thing I would say though is we took our bitch up to the vet to be checked over we did this at the same time as the pups went to have their dew-claws removed,I don't know if you are planning to remove them in your litter, but I thought it seemed like a good idea anyway to have her checked too just in case there was anything left,but then maybe I was being a bit over the top. :- " I don't know if that is what other breeders do?

The best of luck with them :luck: and can't wait to see pics of the pups :huggles:
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Congratulations on your new litter of puppies :luck: as Mark said the hard work starts when the pups reach 5/6 weeks old (w00t) but the best fun also comes at the same time :thumbsup:
glad you both coped alright :cheers:

give her a little space, she will settle down. amber was fine when she had them, but about a day and a half she got a bit on edge, especially with stephen, my oh. a couple of times i had to carry her outside to pee etc. she performed, whimpering all the while, then galloped back to them (the speed wouldve given a whippy pause for thought :lol: ) after a week or so, she really chilled out. i think the reasoning was that if we were going to eat her babies, we'd have done it already :D about that time, she would come lie down with us on the sofa for a couple of hours before going back to them.

the best thing to do is approach mum and, hard as it is, ignore the puppies. fuss over her. i found that amber wouldnt refuse evaporated milk, which, if she's not lactose intolerant, will provide her body with the calcium and fat those little'uns are taking out of her.

ooooh, i cant wait for pics!
Thanks everyone. She is in a quite room - only me and my 19 year old daughter have been in since she went into labour. We just pop in every hour or so during the day to check-up, feed her and clear up (if she'll let us). I guess we do stare at the pups though :b

This morning I have another worry :wacko: She trembles - not continually but she does do it. This morning when sitting up to eat her food she was trembling and continued to do so even when lying down. Fear, wobbly from not having got up and left the box? (As far as I'm aware she has barely stood up since they were born 36 hours or so ago) Or eclampsia! I rang my vet who said it's very rare but to start giving her goat's milk anyway. If she's still bad tomorrow (or worse) I'm to bring her in - that'll be fun :blink:
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:luck: :luck: i hope she's alright :( see what i mean? amazing how much they take it out of mum :blink: now is when a bitch needs feeding up. amber looked like a bag of bones, despite 4 x her main food, as well as a can of evap. milk daily, plus our little queen got steak on the first two days. she did milk it though, i had to hold raw steak in my hands and she ripped off a mouthfull at a time :x :lol:

you wait until weaning starts, then the fun REALLY begins :p
Congratulations on your puppies :cheers: - Good Luck to Mum. :luck: :huggles:
Congratulations on your litter - hope to see pictures later (don't expect Mum would appreciate flashing cameras yet!). It is natural behaviour to guard her pups, but if you haven't whelped a bitch before, it might be a good idea to have her checked to make sure nothing is left behind. Did you count the placentas? The trembling would have worried me if she was not eating, but if she's taking food then that is a good sign.

Enjoy the pups - I think it's the best experience in life watching puppies being born, and then watching them grow. They're such time wasters - but gorgeous with it!

Best wishes to you all - oh and Merry Christmas! (WOW -What a Christmas present!) :wub:
congratulations on your litter ,, best wishes for mum :wub:

hope she is back to normaal soon :luck: :luck: :luck:
Congratulations on your litter, cant wait for pics, :huggles: for mum & babies.
Many congratulations on your new arrivals. :wub: :wub: :wub:
trembling shaking and growling are normal behaviour especially in a new mother.leave her alone,done fuss her and the babes tempting as it is.youll just stress her out time shell calm down.if you think a whippys bad you should see what a dobermann bitch is like! ;) frightens grown men!lol! :D
:cheers: Congratulations :cheers: on your litter good luck with them :luck: :luck:

Hope mum settles soon :thumbsup:

When our dogs had their pups we literally had to pick the mum's up and carry them out so that they could empty them selves, otherwise i think they would have sat there cross legged.What ever you do with the mum's or pups just keep talking and reasuring the mother and praise her all the time as you are going about your duty with the pups. Keep including the mother of the pups and show her that you are not there to harm her or her pups, she really should be feeling at ease with you by now. Good luck and things will fall into place soon. :luck: :thumbsup:

Yay! Molly got out of her basket to relieve herself - not in the garden but on news paper I put down. She is also much less watchful and growlie this afternoon and I haven't seen her tremble either. :)

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