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Weight Of A Whippet

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I'm surprised at some of the weights, I always thought English whippets were smaller than Aussie & US whippets but reading this they're not. My girls: Penny about 12.9kgs, Kibah 10.7 (she's too fat, should be about 10kg) Feather 9.3kgs, the boys Tag & Puck both about 17.3kg. All except Kibah are lean, about right I would say but to me the boys seem enormous & Penny is considered large for a bitch here. I am really surprised at Dessies whippets, I had imagined them to be much smaller, no offence meant Dessie. Actually I'm pleased really. Mine aren't such GIGANTORS after all.

Is there a thread on K9 about general weight of dogs please. I know all the breeders out thre will know what weight a whippet roughly should be.

I dont really weigh my dogs on a regular basis - (should I weigh more frequently) but was wondering what the general weight (please in lbs for me) Hubby weighed Oscar the other day and he is around 38-40 lbs (w00t) hes the biggest whippet Ive ever had. He is a year old now.

Just a bit of friendly advice really - thanks.

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