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Disease is “natural”, vax are not. :shrug: Mating at will from 4 to 5-MO until they die is also “natural”. Whelping 1 or 2 litters annually all her life is “natural”.
Starving when U break a leg, or hobbling on 3 once it heals unset, are both “natural “.

There are many things we do, to, with, & for our dogs, that are all wildly un-natural. :)
Everyone can mix ‘n match which “natural” things they approve of, disapprove of, or regard as absolute mandates.

There was a local man in Centre Co., Penna., who firmly believed it was NATURAL for his 2 large dogs (Lab mixes, IIRC) to chase deer & roam at large. // His neighbors complained to him directly & politely at 1st, that they couldn’t have dogs chasing their stock, & that dogs chasing deer is specifically banned / illegal in Pennsy; he was unapologetic & unswayed, his dogs had a RIGHT to chase deer (if not cattle, etc), & by gum, he was gonna defend their right to roam at large, too.

One of his neighbors called me, & I did warn him that his dogs could legally be shot on sight, while in pursuit of deer or other game animals, out of season for those species that can legally be hunted with dogs, especially if said dog is “wild hunting” (not under voice control & accompanied by a handler / hunter), & year-round in the case of whitetail or elk.
He gave me a rough dressing-down & slammed the phone into the cradle. :shrug:
The local warden also had a chat with him, in person, in uniform; he got no better reception than us citizens. // A few weeks later, maybe a month or so, & one of his dogs never came home; the other soon thereafter had buckshot peppering his backside, he’d been chasing dairy cows in calf, & the farmer not only shot him, he phoned the warden to inform him of the incident.
The owner was furious, but the dairyman had the right by law, & he could get no satisfaction; his dog went to the vet to have the pellets removed, & he paid not only a vet bill, but a fine to Fish & Game.

“Natural” does not mean it’s allowed; it is natural for a dog to chase & kill fleeing cats, but if they are *owned* cats on their owner’s property, it will be an expensive hobby, & if repeated, can get the dog confiscated or euthanized.

I’m all for some highly artificial things - rabies vax, Parvovirus vax for pups, FeLV vax for cats...
Everyone must consider & choose what they think apropos, but also what is legal in their home area.

- terry

Just a little line about the puppy being fed adult food. When my son was only 10 days old i left him with my mum who had 6 children , whilst I went shopping. When I arrived to pick him up i was horrified to see she was spoon feeding the broth out of a pot of stew. The moral of this story is my son never went to the doctors until he was well into his 30's so though I wouldn't recommend it certainly didn't harm him.

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