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whats the worst thing your dog has rolled in?

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I guess I'm lucky in a way in that I have no sense of smell, well its so bad that when I start getting a slight wiff of something anyone else around is complaining of the very strong smell. So although I do see marks on Folly's kneck / shoulder what they are and if they have a smell I do not know, so I just wash it off.
No sense of smell sounds ideal for dog owners! Two of my spaniels have been rollers and one corgi. With the corgi it was cowpats, the fresher the better (sort of makes sense, corgis and cows). With one spaniel it was anything dead :( rotting fish being a favourite :eek:. We were staying in a hotel in the Lakes. Since then we carry detergent in the car- and bottles of water...but once we had to do an all-over shampoo in the National Trust loos.
Haven't had a roller but years ago my young alsation cross, while on a walk, disappeared into the bushes, as dogs do, and unfortunately in the van on the way home she threw up human poo, double gag!!:eek::eek: I actually drove my van up a curb and along a bank briefly until I got a grip and pulled over! Thankfully we were in the country and on quiet roads....(I used to nurse so am familiar with certain smells..but vomit was never my strong point and that was just the worst..)
One of our dogs is the king of the "Roll After Wash". As soon as hes been cleaned, he will roll in the first thing he can until hes riffy again. He will start with the carpet, then whatever he can find in the garden and im sure he goes for the fox poo when hes out walking. Its one of those situations where cleaning him does more harm than good.
Not so much rolling...but one of dogs, JRT called Charlie, as soon as I got him towelled down after wash..he did the mad run around house, and then like a dart outside and straight into pond! Yep...he was muddy...covered with duckweed and dripping with dirty pond water :rolleyes:
The not-so-funny thing is that the smell of muddy pond water does linger and he had to have couple of shampoos to get rid of it. After that, we would never ever leave back door open so any darting about would have to happen in house and only once he calmed down was he allowed outside again.
A discarded very full nappy. I wished I could have got hold of the vile person who dumped it.

Fox poo was a breath of fresh air in comparison.
Today my girls had their 'lucky day'....they found half rotten rat, full of maggots :eek: And yes, they decided to have very girly roll on it and when we realized what was going of them ran off with the rat in her mouth:eek:
The stink! Both have had now good wash and are in much more appealing state...but there ain't gonna be any kisses tonight, that's for sure!:rolleyes:
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Oh no @Finsky thats gross! Naughty monkeys
Indeed they are and our younger one is currently going through her 'teenage' rebellion and older one joining in and having a second shot at it too...must be some kind of 'sisters together-thing' :rolleyes: I'm having hair pulling days daily....and laughs too..:rolleyes:
I always know when Dens going to roll.... he catches a smell in the air and then he just goes and nothing can get him back.

He knows he’s in big trouble afterwards because he stays 2 metres away from me and when I stop, he stops :D
My dog (who is unfortunately no longer with us) used to roll in every mud pool he would come across. This resulted in him having almost daily baths because it almost always rains where I'm from.

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