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Whippet puppy ears.....


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Hi, new fur mammy here and my first whippet puppy, now 9 weeks 4 days. Just wondered if anyone could tell me if everything’s ok with his ears? His right ear seems to have uncreased and flops everything ok? It doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all.


Comedy ears... Yes, their ears are all over the place to start off with. Floppy-forward, floppy back, sticking straight up, comb-over ears, ears that fold neatly back like wing mirrors on sporty cars - completely independent of each other:D Enjoy it and take lots of photos when it lasts. One day they'll get themselved organised... most of the time.
Awwwww thank you! To be honest, hubbie was the one who was super worried! It’s good to know it’s normal! I’ll look forward to snapping his future comedy ears and getting the pics out at his wedding :D
And at teething time they do all sorts of funny things again!
Aww cute! Love puppy ears they sit in all different positions, Rolos are great at the moment his are everywhere lol my fav is when they point straight up he looks like a fox lol
Love puppy ears! They really do have a mind of their own :D

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