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Who a BARF feeder then?


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Thought i'd ask as we've had a lot of posts about it just recently, we're only fairly recent converts but "we're luvin it" so far :D

Oh another thing, how much fruit do you feed & what. Mine are pretty keen on banana's so have had them for breakfast with egg & goats milk some mornings but not right keen on much else.
We're not - but reading recent posts am starting to think it's worth giving it a go!!! (Much as I hate the idea of feeding raw meat :x !). We've just ordered some Burn's which sounds like a half way house - we'll see how that goes first!!
We're not strict BARF feeders, but part of our pups diet includes raw meat, bones and fruit/veg. His main food is Burns complete which is natural/organic anyway. We have a cow leg defrosting as I type this :x :p His coat is lovely and shiny and he loves his food so I think this natural diet is great stuff :thumbsup:
We started recently with 1 dog and having watched him enjoy his food so much and the change in his crap we've now got 3 on it (100% B.A.R.F), one of them is a very fussy eater and we knew if there would be trouble it would be her? but we couldn't have been more wronge, she ate the lot meat/veg and loves the chicken wings.

Bought 2lb of chicken wings Monday from Bury Market to try them out went back today and bought £5 worth and got strange looks from the bloke behind the stall! could'nt be bothered explaining they also had chicken carcases with the wings on for 70p each.

The jury is still out till we see how they run on it in a few weeks but so far we are more than happy to continue.

read loads of web pages regarding BARF and the nice thing is with it not being a branded food/meal made by a firm you get true opinions of usesers rather than you do with comercial feed web pages.
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I got my barf books this morning from amazon so i'll have nose in them for a while :D
All mine are fed a natural diet but I do also use complete (mainly Burgess Supagreyhound) as a mixer on the days that they have tripe so they have a bit higher protein content and also when they win any bags of the stuff their innards are used to it!!! Waste not want not in our household. The old girl can't be bothered to eat a chicken wing these days so for breakfast she whatever takes her fancy at that time, it could be tinned Butchers tripe, Pedigree pouches, roast chicken, Chappie, cat food, .............. whatever really!!!

I think the worst stuff I buy is this Bennington's complete feed that I use as titbits. I think I have mentioned this before but they almost KILL for it and I am sure it is full of everything awful but, what the hell, a little of what you fancy does you good!!

My French boy came with instructions that he had a delicate digestion and almost his own pharmacy but, guess what, changed onto meat and biscuits from complete feed ET VOILA! no problems. Poos have improved and don't smell to high heaven now and he obviously enjoys his food!
My wife loves the green tripe smell :x she asked if they realy needed it! "OF COURSE" was my reply.
Mine are fed on BARF. Oliver gets 3 chicken wings or 2 thighs or equivalent for brekkie. The greyhounds get a turkey leg each - one of the big fat juicy ones! Sometimes they get the smaller pieces which Freddie prefers because he's a lazy lump! :clown:

For tea they get minced beef with pulped veggies, including garlic and ginger for cleansing and healing properties. About 3-4 times a week they get some cod liver oil in that for their coats. Also about 3-4 times a week, they get some form of offal in their meal, such as liver, kidney, heart, whatever I can find really.

And bones, when available, in between times.

Once gave them whole fish. Big mistake! They brought some of it up and I spent the next 24 hours clearing up puked up fish! :x Will try again but in small pieces I think! :lol:

The greyhounds can be fussy with their food but not on this diet! Oliver will eat anything, but they look and seem to be in great fettle. They certainly seem fit. :)
oliverpliers said:
Once gave them whole fish. Big mistake! They brought some of it up and I spent the next 24 hours clearing up puked up fish! :x Will try again but in small pieces I think! :lol:
Have you tried dried fish?... all the same goodness but less mess. Don't be fooled though it still stinks! :x :x :x
We do (as mentioned on the other post) James Wellbeloved in the mornings and raw in the evenings. We give a halibut oil capsule every day (have done since well before ever feeding raw and they have always had good coats). We've been feeding this way just about a year now and they are in great condition, teeth and coats are excellent.....

As for more expensive, it depends on what you feed and where you're able to find it. We get our Chicken wings and carcasses from a meat plant near us - 30lb box of carcasses for £4 (feed 1/2 carcass per meal - so that lasts a while), 30lb box of 2 joint wings £4.50 and 3 joint wings £7.50. 2x 2 joint wings per meal so lasts us ages. We also do buy the AMP complete mince which the girls LOVE. A bag lasts them 3 meals, so it's pretty good value for money. It has worked out a lot cheaper for us in the long run. We also have a butcher where we can get carcasses and scraps for quite cheap, and he sells marrowbones as well for chewing OUTSIDE in the summer months.

At the moment it's definatly costing me more BUT i'm paying top whack for everything, i'm gonna start looking around to try and get stuff a bit cheaper now I know the dogs like it.
My butcher sells wings at 5d per pound and GIVES me the carcases !! :p
Raw salmon head, fins, skin and carcass is great and they love it even more than green tripe... Not an everyday meal but they get it several times a month (and the humans get sushi).
Thought id see what all the fuss was about and gave a chiken wing each to Willow and Paddy today. Pads wasn't too sure what to so with it to be honest and just licked it for about ten minutes but eventually decided it was food and was finished after about half an hour.

Willow on the other hand was very keen and devoured his in a couple of minutes and seemed eager for more!!!! He's had three so far today but I wasn't too sure how many was too much so stopped at that. Is there a limit to what they should have?????

Anyway at least one of the boys will be looking forward to dinner 2morrow :)
Depends how much & what else your giving i suppose.

I can't get hold of chicken wings at my butchers, so mine have chicken thighs, my racing whip has 1 & my older whip & ess have 2 for breakfast.
Cost is obviously a factor when feeding the Barf diet but so is the welfare of the dogs. I believe that by buying chicken wings and carcasses in bulk as I do, it is cheaper than buying prepared food ( and much healthier) although to be honest I haven't actually compared costs. If I take into consideration the small second hand freezer which I had to buy to store the dogs food, I am probably out of pocket. (Do other dogs have their own freezer?)

Preparing the vegi-breks is time consuming and although I do this about every four weeks and freeze in small quantities it still takes time. If I was working I am not sure if I would have the time.
(Do other dogs have their own freezer?)
Running joke in our house that the dogs have more food in theirs than ours! I've got my priorities right :D lot have their own freezer aswell :thumbsup: ......well it's really for the green tripe as i didn't fancy that being next to our food :x

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