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Working from 9 to 5 and raising puppy

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I agree with @Josie and @arealhuman - you must hate reading these posts and feel very 'got at', and of course you'll have been so excited at the thought of getting your first dog. But we're all just concerned about the dog's welfare - and angry at your pup's breeder for telling first-time owners that it's fine for the pups to be left alone all day.

If you do decide to persevere, it's also worth mentioning socialisation - it's really important that even before they've had their full course of injections, puppies are taken out into the world, either being carried or in a carrier, and introduced to all the different people, sights & sounds that are out there. They can even be set down on the ground in places where there's unlikely to have been many dogs or wildlife around - a dog is more likely to suffer as a result of lack of socialisation than by catching something it's not yet covered for. Socialisation has to be done very carefully - every experience needs to be positive, and a bus suddenly applying its air brakes right next to the dog could give him a fear of buses for life.
8 hours is a lot of hours get a dog walker and a friend or relative to also pop in...
sorry ut have to agree with all the others 8 hrs is to long to leave any dog alone let alone a puppy, take steps for a pet sitter / dog walker to help you out .
Hi everyone. Even though we got attached to the pup, we finally found him a new home yesterday. He was adopted by a couple. They spend more time at home and also have a back yard. So, I guess it`s all for the best now.
Well done on putting his needs above yours.
A brave thing to do, well done thinking of the puppies welfare above your own feelings.
Thank you for putting your boys needs first. ..and one day you will have a dog when you have more time
Agree that you have been very brave and put your pup before youself. Maybe when the time is right there will be another chance for you have a dog in your life.
Huge respect to you for rehoming him. One day, the time will be right and you will be awesome owners.

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