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Working Whippets.

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now now chaps, lets not let this degenerate into a slanging match.
they will be throwing there handbags at each other soon sparky!!

i find it a shame that i have to shoot the foxes now there is no sport in it. At least with the dogs they have a slim chance of getting away !!. The people who banned it know jack about the countryside and the job we all do in the way of conservation. It's a crying shame about the hares on the shoot, there are loads but the boss says we'll have a couple of hare shoots this year. That used to be my perk. I could take as many as i liked after feburary 1st. it's all going t*ts up this country mate.

may all your rabbits have big ears!! :oops:
Lamping man I am not about to jump into a slanging match with you, like I said each to their own.

I rarely venture onto sporting dog nowadays because of all the crap and arguing that goes on, this site has always I thought been for the more proffesional less idiotic enthusiast, true working men and women with morals and a passion for the breed and the quarry which we chase, Don't spoil that for us!

I have always had a huge admiration and respect for the Hare and before the Ban which has been in force in Scotland a while longer than in England! I always followed the guidelines/rules of the Coursing club with regards to Seasons.

Yes legally (the Ban aside) there is no closed season for chasing a hare and certain landowners may wish you to cull numbers all year round, however that said chasing hares in sumer condition, possibly pregnant, and certainly not running at their best is a kop out in my eyes and does not represent good sport or good sportsmanship.

I also believe that a hard worked dog during the winter months is well deserved of a summers rest and will perform all the better for it's sedentary summer come the buisness end of the year when Hares are a proper test for a working dog!

What you do with your 7 seven month old pup is your own buisness but if you are willing to come on here and tell us all about it then it becomes fair game and in my opinion a 7 month old should not be chasing a hare around! the fact that you think it excusable because it was running it with it's mother is even worse!

The pup would on it's own soon be left trailing a Hare, However with the mother running it strongly the course could continue much longer, exposing the young dogs lungs and legs to a much tougher test :(

Not so clever really.

Without wishing to sound too Sanctamonious!!! as somebody involved with a very well organised Whippet coursing club I thought you would know better.

YIS Andy Bell
more old pics, this is my old whippet/greyhound x collie greyhound bitch again and the fawn was a 3/4 whippet 1/8 beddy 1/8 bull . He was tough as they come, he would go to ground on fox given the chance. I had to retrieve him from an old collapsed drain one day after he spent about 3 hrs on a fox. He was agreat ferreting dog, and one of my biggest regrets is not putting him to a nice whippet bitch. He died fairly young , he was about 8yrs , after a quick run one morning he had a fit and died in my wifes arms. We were watching some video tapes of the old dogs that we found the other week, and that brought a tear to our eyes I can tell you

it takes a good dog to catch a febuary puss in our area. Its a real test for any dog.

i think i'd have a good chance at catching one now(only joking). They are still feeding leverets in our area. Not truly sporting taking them now i think ..IMO.
Hi Andy. Many thanks for your well worded comments. I won't dwell on this matter beyond this: On each occasion Moss saw the hare late and engaged in a 200 yd runup which was good for her as she gets fitter for the Winter. The hare/s were in no way threatened as they were long gone through hedges before we were closer than 80 yds. I have no wish to chase hares out of season but due to the distances involved, the risks of causing a problem were minimal. The pup did accompany her mother on one evening. It wasn't pre arranged. It happened as an accident and her involvement was less than that of her mother. The cicumstances in each case revolved around a walk in the fields off lead. Moss is damn good in my biased view bit even she , as I write , has not perfected the art of differentiating a rabbit from a hare. Everything and every action have to be viewed in context this is what I have now attempted to do. No apologies for what I did, it was great fun. My wife has just shouted me to come and remove a hedgehog from the kitchen. I couldn't make that up! Best of luck with your dogs your photos are great.

Best regards Chris
Wev'e all been there when our dogs put up quarry at the wrong time and place!

Murphy a couple of years ago caught two leverets whilst out on a country strole with the family!

And last year Tod when about nine months put up a hare in an unexpected spot and gave chase! I wouldn't ever have a go at anyone in those circumstances just can't stand the idiots that run hares seriously in the summer and then brag all about it.

subject put to bed

Yours in sport Andy Bell

Murphy is really struggling now on his three legs but I think he will manage a few short ratting sessions this winter!

It's such a shame to see him alone in the kitchen when I go out with Tod!

He's still got a rat and a bunnie or two left in him :thumbsup:
Has to be one of the best photos I,ve seen, and I,m talking subject matter not quality of the photo. Good on you for taking him out.
Wow - thats an amazing dog and great photo :thumbsup:

I'm proud to say both my 2 caught there first rabbits out last week :cheers: I always knew Stan had it in him, he is incredibly fast and turns so well. Archie is a bit slower but at least he managed it :D Looking forward to the winter now! :D
has everyone run out of pics, i bet murphy has some more to share..
Always love seeing pic's of Murphy :wub:

In his prime he took some beating on ferreted bunnies.

Baby sitting the next generation!

Sadly though the sun is setting for him! all too early, I feel robbed. :(
Great pics murphy1. You may feel you have been robbed but by the looks of it you still get alot of enjoyment in taking your dog out and about. I take my hat off to you mate for that. and if you want to try the little one on some lamped rabbits on my land in the spring (after shooting season) then please let me know.

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