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Working Whippets.

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mally said:
Great pics murphy1. You may feel you have been robbed but by the looks of it you still get alot of enjoyment in taking your dog out and about. I take my hat off to you mate for that. and if you want to try the little one on some lamped rabbits on my land in the spring (after shooting season) then please let me know.
Thanks Mally but I live a little bit too far away, Just East of Inverness!!

And he's not liitle any more :D

Great pictures Andy. And may the sun remain bright on Murphy for a long time.

:D WOW!! Really enjoyed reading through this thread. It had everything, fun, banter, advice, stories and the pictures were superb. Only one let down there was only three pages. :teehee: Not too long to go until those dark windy nights are upon us again. :cheers:
Hey Jeff, that hill that Kizzy's on looks familier? must go for a lie down now lol :- "
Mark, were you in Scotland recently? if so whereabouts and tell us more

YIS Andy
No Andy never been to Scotland but have plans to holiday there next year,

the hill in the picture if i'm correct is Derbyshire way.

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