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Ive just discovered that one of my dogs have tapeworm...went straight to the vet and got drondal plus and wormed them both

How long does the drug take effect...will she pass the dead tapeworm quickly

she hasnt lost any fact shes gained a few onces and is fine within herself

i usually worm every 3mths
I'm not sure for tapeworm but when we got Lenny he had roundworm and the tablets we gave him took effect very quickly - he was puking up dead worms within a couple of hours :x Not very nice but at least it got rid of them. It took a bit longer for the dead ones to come from the other end!
I'd check the poo the next day, and for the next week as well. The tablets will only kill the worms already alive, so it may be worth worming them again next month to kill the cycle of eggs.
Oscar had a tapeworm a few months back Jane....Id done him 3 months earlier and

did him again as soon as I discovered it (saw it in his poos.. :x ) so asked the vets advice. I normally worm every 3-6 months but they have had a few rabbits recently too... :eek:

Hes been worm free since..thankfully.. :thumbsup: I use Drontal Plus too...
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