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Yoo Hoo!! Lampy Where Are You?????

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*Lesley* said:
lamping man said:
*Lesley* said:
Ooo lovely Tracy you'll love it we do and the dogs do too, missed you Saturday :( Lampy's a bit quiet again but I think he may be rubbing his hands together because we got beat by the H.O.E, the distance will be more favourable for her on the 10th so he won't be smiling for long :thumbsup:

Not that quiet Spryer :D . Just been reading the H of E results. Well done to everyone. :thumbsup: I must say that I did notice that the Spry didn't have it all her own way. What is the reason for this dip in her form?. When my lot come in Sept, I hope that you and Parkstoners and others are on top form cos I don't want any excuses :huggles: . How many spectators are you expecting?


Ever the crowd pleaser


Well she's come in season today and the distance was a little shorter than she likes but credit where credits due she was running against Devils Gift who is very talented on the track so the result would probably have been the same anyway, come September she will be at her peak,not trying to worry you even more lampy :- " :sweating:

We are expecting a good crowd of spectators after all these meets are bigger than the world cup :D

Tracy are you going to the west somerset in July??

Oooh, feel for poor Spry, coming into season :x Mind you, at least it will be over soon and she will be on top form for the next installment (w00t)

Lesley, I am gutted about July, I had even booked at Rae's and had to cancel, stupid woman that I am had forgotten that we had the barge booked for that week :( I got moaned at that I was miserable because we were missing the racing, it's just so frustrating that we couldn't change the barge dates. Still, there's always next year :D
Paula Roberts said:
There are 2 open races and from the middle of August the Lizard club runs for charity events on a Thursday night, fantastic time we started off for 1 week 4 years ago and every year we stay a bit longer. :thumbsup:

That sounds nice, I think I am going to have to start looking in my diary a bit sharpish (w00t)

Are the opens at the Lizard Club, or somewhere else? I am still so new to the racing scene that I am not quite up to speed oon where to gain all this information.............. :b
Theres 2 OPens in Cornwall, 1's at the Lizard & District WRC the others at the West Cornwall WRC (1 week apart)

a bit of fishing & lamping ect as well while were down there as i've been invited out by a local down there :thumbsup:
I hope that you and Parkstoners and others are on top form cos I don't want any excuses
Well lampy!

my lot have been getting a little stressed at the prospect of meeting your dogs so we've decided to take them away for a few weeks to Sunny Cornwall to try and relax them.

Mo's intending to get a bit of sun bathing in and i'm sure if you ask nicely she will show you her white bits. :eek:

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