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Your dogs show name?


I've only had 2 registered purebreds, my Akita bitch & a BSD-Groenedahl.

My Akita's registered name was Kishacoquillas Occult Moon - as a puppy, she had waxing & waning crescents of the moon in white, on her jet-black neck, looking like reversed parentheses, with the curves inward rather than out.
Naturally, within 3-mos of registering her, the 'moon phases' disappeared, & were truly occult - they were pale-silver marks in her light-grey undercoat, completely hidden by her glossy black guard-hairs. :rolleyes:
I swear, she did it deliberately. :D
[The Kishacoquillas were the local Native American tribe, in that part of Penna. I wanted to commemorate them.]
She had 2 call-names, one for me, & one for Everybody Else - to prevent total strangers from giving her cues that could get her into trouble; cues given with her "community" call-name were entirely optional, while cues from me overrode them. ;) Saved me a lot of grief.
Her public call-name was Moon.

Some years before, I bought a shy, sweet 7-MO Belgian Sheepdog from her breeder.
Little did i know what i was getting into - she'd never been off the family farm, had lived in an I/O kennel run with her dam & sire to either side, & when out of the pen, had free range of the entire property, as she wouldn't leave her parents to cross the boundary.
So she was rarely on leash, & scared of EVERYthing - strangers, the vet, traffic, car-rides [she arrived shaking & wet with saliva, from drooling in panic while confined by the cap over their pick-up's bed].
Her registered name was Kishacoquillas Dancing Crow, b/c she never 'walked' - she pranced nervously; she'd actually circle U as U walked, like a horse on a longue-line.
Her call name was Shady, short for Nightshade - her blue-black shiny coat reminded me of the nightshade berry.

Unfortunately, she & my crossbred M-dog [Beau, a Bassett x Dachshund, & the 1st therapy-pet i'd ever trained] were both stolen by my then-fiancee', & i was advised by the police not to pursue getting them back; they were in a distant jurisdiction, & proof of ownership is tough. // The 1st thing i did after buying my Akita at the breeder, was to microchip her, & register that chip! It gave me peace of mind. U can lose a collar, or malicious ppl can take it off, but U can't "lose" a microchip. They may shift, but they're in the body, & a walk-thru chip sensor can find them easily.

- terry

Oliver is whippysnip star struck
Marley Boy of enerdale
Rolo Whippysnip Annan Laddie ( the breeder let us pick it)
Murphy would have to be something involving water..
Wet Wet Wet ?
Folly is Gwendariff Magic Moments.
She also has a racing name, and to make it easy on my old brain I went for Magic Moments.
Ok, I'll admit it, I got that line from one of my all time favourite TV shows - see it here at 23 seconds in:


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