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  1. Sam.P

    Help with barking in cafe.

    Hi , my dog is a 3 1/2 year shi chi and is generally well behaved , I am trying to reintroduce her to be able to go to pubs/ cafes in the nicer weather and have found a local dog freindly cafe which i have decided to take her to, to help her get used to going out. She usually barks even in empty...
  2. R

    Neighbours dogs barking when left

    Our neighbours have six small dogs. They bark when left alone. They are left everyday for 4-5 hours but don't bark everytime. The issue is that once they start they don't stop for hours. We can hear them clearly in our detached house, even through double glazing. This has been happening for...
  3. Sam.P

    Dog barks when we use front door.

    I have a 18 month shichi she has always barked at the postman but now barks at the mail in the entrance way after he's left aswell, she has recently started barking when we take the rubbish from the kitchen bins through the hall out through the entrance as she can see through same window and...
  4. H

    Anyone have any tips on how to stop our dog barking when we stop on walks?

    Our 6 year old Bernese Mountain Dog is a generally well behaved lovable giant. However, if we stop when out for a walk he will bark. The same if we try to sit down for a coffee/lunch somewhere and it seems to be getting worse. We are obviously doing something wrong but can’t figure out what...
  5. S

    Hi everyone, help with puppy barking

    Hi I have a 9 month puppy chihuahua shitzu cross. I have had some puppy lessons to help with her barking these really helped and I saw real improvement but has started to slide backwards over the last month. She barks whenever someone is at the door and has started barking at home if there is...
  6. A

    Looking for help with constant barking

    Hi all, I’m desperately looking for help with our 9 year old cockapoo. She’s always been demanding but in the last year she’s taken to barking constantly when she wants something or what’s attention. We’ve tried ignoring it but she literally barks for 10 minutes until we give up and separate...
  7. I

    Puppy off day?

    Hey, So are 12 week old cockapoo has been doing really well with his day time crating and training. He was able to stay on his own in his crate for 30/45 minutes (it takes him about 3-4 minutes to calm himself down).. However, today he has been really barking and whining when I have put him in...
  8. DianeB83

    Excessive barking - collie

    Hi folks, I’m new to the forum and hoping someone can help with some issues I have with my collie. We adopted him around 4 months ago (he’s about 22 months old now) and he came to us very well house-trained but had issues with walks as his previous owner had been unable to take him out for...
  9. VictoriaSonny

    Sonny's Behaviour

    Hi Guys, Sonny is now 15 weeks old and training is going well! Fully house trained, no accidents in weeks now! He can sit, down, stand, touch, paw and stay - (stay is had work)! The few problems I am having with him follows; Lead training. He is a puller! I have tried many techniques as...
  10. I

    Barking in the car

    Hello all, I have 2 Bearded Collies, 7 and 5 years old. They are taken to the park every morning in the car. When they know they are being taken out they continuously bark repetitively until they leave the house, and when they get in the car they continue to bark right up until they get to the...
  11. R

    Boston Terrier Incessant Barking (dog is deaf)

    We have three Boston Terriers, a family of Mum, Dad and Daughter. The mother is 10 years’ old but is the one that causes the most trouble with, at time, just continuous barking. A lot of the time this will be because the Dad (7 years’) and Daughter (6 years’) are out in the garden and she cannot...
  12. A

    The biggest everyday problems for dogs?

    Write down what problems with the dog do you face on a daily basis? Chewing shoes, barking at night, etc.
  13. John Bechet

    Normal social skills for 15 months?

    Hello, I have had my dog for just over a year now and as a first time dog owner, I wonder how normal my 15 month old Maltese's social behaviour is. When meeting other dogs he is sometimes calm, either passing without reaction or approaching for a well-behaved sniff. But other times he goes...
  14. J

    Growling and Barking

    Hey guys, So my miniature poodle, Lilly, 9 months old has recently started barking and showing signs of dominance in the last couple of months. Before she was always fairly shy, never pulling on the leash (still doesn't) but when someone would ring the doorbell she would look and then go back...
  15. P

    New puppy - help

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a sprocker puppy. She's been with me for 2 weeks now and is 10 weeks old. She's great, overall a lovely lovely dog and she's doing great with commands and training. However we have 1 problem... she whines, howls and barks whenever she's in the room on her...
  16. Jodie.g1

    Crying/barking through the day, barking for a wee at night

    Hi! Im new to this forum and I'm hoping you can all help me. I've got a 14 year old male Yorkshire Terrier (Toby) who is causing us a few problems. During the day he's crying/barking on and off - very difficult to stop him. We also have another Yorkshire Terrier who is 17 years old and Toby...
  17. Pip-n-Stan

    Anxiety Medication?

    TL;DR - Pippin barking excessively I think it's an issue with insecurity Tried training and been successful so far but VERY slow progress Ignoring NOT an option - riles up Stanley, our other young + impressionable dog Insecurity hindering her progress with socialisation and getting on with...
  18. Ava

    Bossy puppy with 4 previous homes

    Hi guys, I really do hope you can offer me some advice, because I'm feeling overwhelmed. :( We've had our beautiful JRT x Chihuahua since he was 11 months old - he's 16 months now. We know he's had quite a few homes before us, so we understand why he has some issues. First, let me tell you all...
  19. Ted

    FREE! Anti Bark Collar | Effective Way to Stop Your Dog Barking

    Hi Guys, Would like to share my new promotion that I run for anti bark collar. I offer completely FREE(inc. postage) bark control collar if you agree to share your feedback with us(1 Feedback). 100% Free Anti Bark Collar. Regular Price £21.99 I understand that this offer for some people can...