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A New Baby In The House


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yes iv just bought another whippy will follow once iv had cuppa :p
i agree surly ur tea must be cold by now....i await with baited breath (w00t)
Ah now.

That's not on.

You can't promise us photos and then leave us hanging.

How much tea can one person drink???

Show us the photos!!!

ok here ya go then


:wub: ...more to follow
and a couple more il get some better ones tomorrow when iv taken him to the vets for a check over



Adorable! :wub:

What's his name and age?
hi we havent got a name for him yet .but hes 15mths old he was advertised on here by someone .he's much smaller than our other whippy and looks like he only has one testicle dropped and a bald patch on his tail so we'r guna take him to the vets tomoz to get him checked out properly .but hes so adorable and loving ,our other whippy blue wont leave the poor thing alone even thou he's just had a 4hr road trip :wub:
ah, well done :luck: hope he gets a name soon

I think the bald patch on the tail is a 'man' thing - Sunny had it
aww what a good looking chap :wub: :wub: my little dana has a bald bit on her tail but i think its an age thing, with her being 9 1/2 now

well done Nicky for giving him the loving home he deserves,he is in the right place now were he will get all the fuss and attention and any treatment he needs
ther finaly asleep :wub:


right thats you'r lot till tomoz :p
Lovely :wub: What a sweetie.

:oops: we must have been posting at the same time. Just wanted to say how nice that Blue has taken to him so well. Love that last pic - looking after little bruv :huggles: :wub:
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He is lovely :wub: Looks a bit like ours, do you know his breeding?

Hope all goes well at the vets tomorrow :luck:
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yes his breeder was mr ivor roberts from blackpool,sire was sheer determanation at taltonia and dam was flow erica through taltonia

edited because i forgot to put space in between flow and erica lol think im getting tired now :b
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No relation then. It's so nice to see them getting on so well too. :huggles: Looking forward to seeing more of them together.
he is lovey :wub: , good luck to you all :luck:
(w00t) cant see the photos right now - says photobucket is doing some work on the site... but Congratualtions :cheers: and will look again later :thumbsup:
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daledogs said:
awwwwwwwwwell done Nicky for giving him the loving home he deserves,he is in the right place now were he will get all the fuss and attention and any treatment he needs

Sorry if i have missed something here, but as you wrote something similar on the other post Dawn I felt the need to comment -

Just becasue he has been re-homed doesn't mean he wasn't in a loving home before and that he didn't get any attention or treatment.

I only know the story as far as this thread and the other one goes, I know the guy went about it a little incorrectly and was rude to you Dawn. But I don't think we should jump to the conclusion that because he has been re-homed he was neglected before.

Just felt I needed to say this :b

By the way he is adorable I hope he loves his new home :wub:
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