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At Long Last!!!!!!!

WoW what sizes !

remember 'seeing' their birth on here, it was really exciting, are there any more photos of the other pups aswell.

:oops: thought racing whippets were smaller than showing whips (w00t)

must be all that muscle
For some reason we dont seem to take pics of Genie as he's never still!! (w00t)

It really doesnt seem a year since the 'live' birth. I wouldnt go to the shops until it was all over, never at that point did i think i would actually have one.

Dobbers looking good Jac :thumbsup: Cant wait til they're all racing together in a couple of weeks :D
I carnt beleve how fast a year goes with them happy birthday guys piges ears all round i hope :huggles:
Crikey doesn't seem like 2 minutes since they were born!!! Happy Birthday Boys :D
I went into the kennels this morning singing and gave Genie an extra big cuddle, an extra egg for brekkie and a bit of toast and then took him for a nice run on the beach.



:clown: :huggles: HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY BOYS :huggles: :clown:

Lots of Love Aunty Dee xxxxx
happy birthday lads xxx

i think we need some new pics of all of them. :D
Billy after his first win.


Dobsy after his win in the consolation


and proud mum Elzi


Can't wait to see how they both progress over the next few months in opens.
For anyone who's interested. :eek:

The boys are now 17 months and are coming along nicely, i spoke to Sid last night and he's chuffed to bits they are all racing, Bomber is still nocking about :wub: and doing well at 12 yr old.

Billy, Jude and Ziggy started on the bends in September, Dob's has just started trialling on the bends doing super times, competing in his first bend race last Saturday. Billy is just lovely, and takes more after Gillette, finishes like a train and rails beautifully, it's the trapping bit he needs to work on lol. Ziggy is just Ziggy mad as a box of frogs (if he were a person he'd be Pete from Big Brother) think he'll be about 6 before he calms down and if he ever decides to run with his head down, maybe he'd be alright. Jude is laid back as hell, takes quite a bit to syke him up but he's loving the bends and got his Nch title a few weeks ago. Genie's still in training in Cumbria :D as Denise is scared to show us what he's really made of :D

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