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had eddie over at the track today to meet some of the dogs he enjoyed his self and is keen on the lure also weighed him and he is 15.5lbs (w00t)
had eddie over at the track today to meet some of the dogs he enjoyed his self and is keen on the lure also weighed him and he is 15.5lbs (w00t)
:sweating: What does he think he's going to be ? A scratch dog !?!
Wow he's really grown !!! 12lb at 12 weeks, at this rate he's going to be around 26-28lb (w00t) .
Poor Fern, Eddie used to hamstring his Mum when he was here except she had infinite patience and let him get away with it!
I'm with you on that one :thumbsup:
i will have to put some new pics of him on ,he has some length of legs on him
nice to meet you dave :thumbsup:

ur pup is very smart,,,,and keen,,,,he wasnt phased with the noise off the track contions ,,, a very focused pup,,,,,,and keen,,,,,,nice strong looking pup ,,,,elise did good job rearing him,,,,,,look forward to seeing him again,,,,ill bring camera next time :thumbsup:

tell ur mate ronnie forbes,,,to get back in the game lol,,,,and rab ramsey when u see them :thumbsup: whippet racing not the same without the dundee banter lol :thumbsup:
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here is a few up date pics off eddie he is 18 weeks old now and is 18.5lbs







Eddie is a babe :wub:

He looks gorgeous and his brindle is really coming through now. Love his eyes :wub: :wub: :wub:

His weight is looking more like a 30lber now LOL
Uh oh Dave. He's only FIFTEEN WEEKS old and weighing 18 and a half pounds !!!
a little update on eddie poor wee boy has been in the wars he tried to tackle next doors cat and ended up with 6 stitches in the inside off his leg so was layed up for a few days feeling sorry for his self the day he got his stitches out he tried again but needed fern to help him so he ended up with a visit from the police as next doors cat did not survive so now he thinks all cats are fare game .apart from that he is doing great i think he is 21 weeks old now if my dates are right and he is just short off 22lb i think he is going to be a big boy





Bloody hell Eddie you little murderer :wacko: , definately takes after his mother as she killed the neighbours cat not long before she was mated.

Eddie is 18 weeks old, born 15th Feb.

22lb at 18 weeks Uh Oh!
so much for the 22/24lbs i think you sold me a greyhound :lol: he has a bite of fat just now as he eats like a horse he is going through 1lb of mince a day plus his dried food and what ever else he can steal
Well his Mum and Dad aren't that big, there's little Greyhound in them so I've no idea where the size comes from ... does he sleep in a grow-bag ?!?
never mind he will stop growing some time :sweating: my be when he is about 30lb :teehee: he has got a lot of fat on him i think he will settle out at 26 fingers crossed,its because he has been layed up the last couple of weeks he has put on the weight he will burn that off on the beech in no time
Glad to see you're still holding out for 26lb. He'll have you sweating though until he stops growing :sweating:
just this minute back from the vets to get him micro chipped he was weighed wait for it 10.8kilos 23.8lb i think i will up my guess to 28lb :sweating:

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