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Eddie came visiting on Monday and met his Mum who was very pleased to see him :wub:

He wasn't very good at standing still for his pictures but we got one eventually.







EVENTUALLY ... 23 weeks, 30lb

Thanks Carole (w00t) Eddie is of course, absolutely gorgeous, and we're absolutely biased. Talli recognised him as her pup straight away bless her :wub:
eddie is 24 weeks and 32.6lbs will put some pics up when i can get him to stay still long enough
Always wanted a scratch pup, but I thought we might get one from Blaze not from two 22/24lbers with very little greyhound in them!

Elise :thumbsup:
if he keeps growing you can have him back ,he is is 33lb today and starting to shape up a bite now and he still eats like a horse
u do relise davie,,,if he ends up a scratch racer,,,its a very elite club up here ,,,and they dont hold back in taking the ****,,,out off yer dog week in week out,lol lol

good fun thou,,,,,looks like ull be running with my bwra unwanted pup,,,,,when u next at club ,,,iam not going to make it 2mmorow but next week to school pups ???,,,then after that shove them round bends in winter , just to keep them ticking over :thumbsup:
dave your supposed to take him out of the grow bag now and again lol keep up the good work eddie is a credit to you xxx :luck: :luck: :luck:
eddie was out with fern on the lamp tonight he had the taste off teeth that bite back, it did not put him off he was well up for it
hi he is coming on great keen as mustard i have him on the lure most nights, tonight he is having a go out the trap his weght at the moment is wait for it 36lb (w00t) and i can not get him to stand for a pic i will try later when he is on the lure this is all i could get of him


Woweee Eddie non peddie you're huuuuuuge !!! And still some growing in you by the looks of things (sorry Dave LOL)

We're hoping Jessica has some smaller pups :sweating:
i have giving up guessing his weight ang you are right i think there is still a bite to go yet (w00t) :teehee:
i have giving up guessing his weight and you are right i think there is still a bite to go yet (w00t) :teehee:
i have giving up guessing his weight and you are right i think there is still a bite to go yet (w00t) :teehee:

i said 36 to 40lb i think now prob 40lb dont think he go any more than that.
i must be really soft on my pups cant believe this pup as already been round the bends and out hunting (w00t) and only just 7 months old !! lovely looking dog good luck with him

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