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Blue Reflections X Connors Legacy

a wee update on eddie he is 21 weeks old now and he is 29lb what a porker, will put some pics up of him if he stays still long enough he just keeps growing will have to stop him sleeping in the grow bag :teehee: dread to think what weight he will be when he starts filling out :sweating:
big eddie, or should that be bigger eddie :lol:

cant wait to see him in scotland

judith c
you can get him to tow your car home he will be big enough by then :teehee:
Have you been reading the scratch dog banter on the Kirkcaldy section of the forum ? You better familiarise yourself with it just in case !!!

Elise :sweating:
here is a couple of pics of eddie







Good God! I was expecting a big fat ball not a chunk monster with legs like tree trunks! What on earth is Fern going to do when Eddie starts growing into his legs. he's going to be unbearable!!!
he is unbearadle now god nows what she is going to do he is a handfull now ,to be honest he is not carring that much extra weight now its all solid he is a stong boy and can run allday he never seems to get tierd ,i think he is going to be a bends dog like his mum the only down sight of that is they do not run bends up here ,so i will have to travel alot with him i can get him trained on the local greyhound track then its in the car and down your way so you will be seeing a lot of him next year on his travels
hes still stunning i dont think he will go over 36lb :thumbsup:
Can't wait to see him, hes gorgeous, see Im not the only one whose dogs just grow and grow :)
after seeing those photo's scotland can't come soon enough big eddie scrummy yummy xxx judith

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