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patsy said:
dolly said:
T Hoare said:
UKUSA said:
patsy said:
UKUSA said:
Returning to the size and measuring debate. Who amongst us remembers Gladys Sage who when judging would sometimes have the wicket ,set to the height in either dogs or bitches just stood on the table, I never saw her actually measure a dog. When I showed my dogs in the U.S my AM CH Fairway Riptide was measured in the ring but measured in.On the lure coursing front, I lure coursed my dogs in California and Texas and really enjoyed it and the dogs loved it.


Sorry Nicky never remember Glad with the measure, Gillian Usher had the measure on the table set at the correct height, never saw her actually use it on a dog though.

You are probaly right Patsy ( I should know better ,should nt I) maybe Gladys was stewarding for Gillian!


When didn't Gladys steward :lol: She always made sure there no more than a hairs width between dogs whilst you were waiting in the ring.

I do remember Sheleigh Thompson having the measure set ' for her own purposes' at SWKA.

That was Gillian, tracey, Shelagh measured every single whippet !!!

She sure did, and it proved that Jester went well under the measure
Which begs the question that if a judge has a major issue about size perhaps they should stand a measure on the table and use it as a guide which was also done on a few occassions years ago as already said.

As to Gladys :blink: there was a steward you did not question and by god you always heard the placings & the classes being called :teehee: :teehee:
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