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Dennis's Dog Diary


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I am starting off the first dog diary and hope that you will start your own diary to! :)

This will be the place where I will update you all to the lucky life of our beautiful Dennis!! (we are slightly biased)

November 27th: This is our boy's favourite sleeping position. Today he's had a lovely power shower with his new dog shampoo that makes him smell lovely! (for how long though is the question!) He LOVES having a shower and then having a quick blast with the hair dryer afterwards! :D

den with head wedged on wall.JPG
November 28th: Just waiting for his Daddy to come home! He loves looking out the window

den looking out the window.JPG
December 1st: Yay Advent Calendars are out! Thank you to @The Pet Pantry Clevedon for our special one for Dennis!
p.s You may spot some dribble just about to escape.... He will do most anything for treats but finds it hard to wait for them!
December 5th: Sat in his favourite place! We're betting on how long it takes before he's knocked a bauble off the tree!
December 8th:Life walking with a slow coach.....


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His grey chin! I can't cope!! please stop getting old now!!
I get something similar with Jimmy at weekends. After his walk, I go back to bed and he seems to think I'm the pillow! Makes sleeping a bit awkward to say the least!
DECEMBER 17TH: Went on a 2 hour walk with 21 other dogs!! Was great fun and everyone was very well behaved.

p.s couldn't get all 21 in one photo! and I've cropped poor Charlottes head out of the picture as wasn't sure she would want to be a dogforum feature! :D:D:D

I'd love to do something like that with Jimmy, but I'm certain he'd get upset in the company of other dogs.
I'd love to do something like that with Jimmy, but I'm certain he'd get upset in the company of other dogs.

I thought that to with Dennis but he really loved it! I was worried that other dogs would pester him but they didn't at all and he even left my side to march with the others! It was really great to see how well behaved they all were - especially as there were lots of horses around!
Jimmy is reactive to other dogs, despite us spending a small fortune on training (he's a rescue and has been attacked before his time with us) so if he was there it would be a very noisy outing!

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