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Dennis's Dog Diary

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Here I am with mum and dad (mum just wants to show off photos)
Beautiful photo! You all look great :) your mum's dress is gorgeous!
Lovely, Congratulations! Looks like Dennis is concentrating on your hand just incase you have a biscuit hidden in it for him!:D
Congratulations! That’s a lovely photo of all three of you x Well done Dennis x;)
Dennis would have been 13 today - we miss him terribly. What I would do for another cuddle or to hear the sound of him dreaming in his bed.

I wouldn’t say things have got easier as time has gone on but they have got busier with a now 5 month old baby. I’m so thankful for her to take my mind off the hole Dennis has left in our hearts.

sorry I’ve been quiet recently. As you can imagine it’s painful for me to read dog related stories.

I hope you and your dogs are all well x
Totally understand:(... glad you have your little one to keep you busy and from 5 months onwards be prepared for things to get even busier!! (in a good way:D)
5 months old!! Where did that go?!

I understand perfectly about you missing your darling dog. We are all here for you if you want to drop in.
Thinking of you all, hope the baby is growing nicely, great that she keeps everyone busy!

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