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Dennis's Dog Diary

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August 9th: Mum thinks she’s really funny calling me and Darcey her OAP walking group!
Yes, great pic. Wherabouts on Dartmoor were/are you?
Great photo. Love all the moody misty background ...although of course the star is in the foreground as he
It's nice there, isn't it? I'd love to move there, but Mrs. ARH doesn't want to leave where we are.

We love it. We’re even getting married there next year :) we’d like to move there eventually also. Maybe if you keep taking Mrs ARH there she will eventually agree!
That's our bed every morning (without Dennis, obviously :D).
October 25th: it’s my 11th birthday tomorrow!! and I have requested mum throw me a party like the diva I am.
I can’t wait for my friends to come round!
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