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Dog Front Leg Amputation

Where are you Sarah , not heard from you for a while . Is everything ok with you and Arnie ?
Hi guys,

I have been away for a while and not had a chance to log on. Everything is going just fine with Arnie. He seems to be coping really well but when he gets tired he still stumbles a little. We are up to walks of about 20 minutes now but he's really tired by the time he gets home.

I've been trying to upload some pictures onto Photobucket but haven't had much luck. I'll try again later on and let you all see how he's doing.

Evie, thank you so much for the link. I bought him a Ruffwear harness and its brilliant! It has a nice little handle on the back that allows me to give him a helping hand and its great how the lead connects to the centre of the back so I can support his weight when needed.
Glad everything is fine with you and the little man - we have missed your humour and great stories :D
I hope you're ok, Sarah :huggles:

Just thought I detected that you might be feeling a bit down?

Sending hugs for Arnie and look forward to hearing from you soon - as June says, we enjoy your sense of humour and your great perspective on life :thumbsup:
Hope Arnie is continuing to improve and things are going well with him. :wub: :luck: :wub:



Hi guys,

Thank you for your continued interest in my boys progress. I have attached some pics taken last week. He is doing really well and I'm so proud of him.

As you can see the fur has started to grow back but is really patchy. He was diagnosed as borderline Cushins so as a result he may not grow back a full coat....I love him no matter what!!!!

He is back to his old self and having 3 legs has not stopped him from chasing foxes! I am starting to think that foxes can count though because they seem to be taking their time in running from him! He gets there eventually but often with a face full of mud! Bless his little paws!

Hope you and your furry bubs are all well...Lots of love


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