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First Time Whippet Owner - Distressed Puppy

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:D He will be a wee lamb in a few nights :D

Just stick to your guns and he will be a wee angel by the weekend :thumbsup:

Im getting my wee man soon and he will sleep with me and hubby for the first week :eek: :b , then its into his puppy cage, but he will still sleep in our room, like the others do :thumbsup:

He will learn quicky thats its his den and relax :thumbsup: ,,,photos of your pup soon I hope and welcome to K9 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Hi Venture,

I'm so pleased for you, all seems to be falling into place. What a good boy being left today (whether he was shattered or not :blink: )

Glad you're feeling more positive, and like everyone says, don't worry too much about the crate in bedroom at nightime, that is definitely not the end of the world :thumbsup:

If he carries on as he is going you won't have to worry anymore about leaving him for periods in the daytime and your neighbours will still be talking to you (w00t)

:luck: for tonight and please keep us updated
So glad things seem to be improving. Now all we need is PICCIES PICCIES PICCIES of the little scamp :D
Hi Venture

So glad to see things are looking up for you and Oliver :thumbsup: It always helps to have the right people to speak to though :) you just needed to find people with lots of experience!! I am actually in the same area as venture and I have a very old whippet girl. Her age is unknown as she had been found dumped in a skip to die and had been very badly neglected beaten and starved so I do know that there are some people in the area who dont treat their whippets very well. The local SSPCA could vouch for this as they get fed up of the threats by people wanting their property back.

Here are my 2 who absolutely adore each other its a strange mix but they get on so well and Lucy has tought my boxer how to be a real lady!! :D


Great photo Unicorn. :huggles: :huggles: Your two dogs look lovely together. :wub: :wub:
It was actually UNICORN who first came to my rescue on our local community website and gave me the web address for K9 Community, so many thanks to him/her.

Well put the crate in the bedroom last night. At first he wasnt sure what was happening. I think he thought he was going to be sleeping in the bed until I diverted him to his cage. I left the lamp on for about five minutes to make sure he could see where I was. He gave a few moans and whimpers but I just said his name and told him to go to sleep and turned the lamp off. RESULT :thumbsup: He slept till 7.30 without a sound. So thanks to everyone who gave advice.

Can someone advise me on what is the best diet for Miles and how often should I be feeding him etc.

Haven't managed to get a pic of Miles yet as my memory card is full on the camera after our holidays but as soon as I have one Ill post it here.

PS Great photo UNICORN.
I always feed my pup's on the best I can buy ........I always think you have to give pup's quality food as they are growing .........can't stand this give 'em racer food or such like rubbish, as racing food is designed for racing dogs, just like puppy food is for puppies (jmho though :) ) ........I would be feeding 3-4 times a day depending on how big his appietite is ........and also lots of raw meat/veg + fish :D ......but it's what suits him/you and your life style ...... :))
So glad your troubles are easing. My first was the whippet from hell, caged he was a nightmare, I seriously wanted to give him back. Uncaged he was a darling :wub: The second one we kept in the bed..............bliss, not a minute of trouble (he's still in the bed at 10months old though, and hubby has moved to the spare room for a good night's kip -_- ). Keep up the good work, they are very cuddly animals and don't like being left. I always feel guilty leaving mine, even for an hour :sweating:
See............cage-bedroom,bedroom-cage...........peace and quiet.....Bliss!!

Works every time :thumbsup:

They just miss seeing their Mummy :huggles:

Best of luck with him :luck:
Oh hurray - so glad you've cracked it! :huggles:

Have a look at the K9 FAQ forum for lots of old threads where other members have asked about feeding. There's lots of advice on there. It can all be a bit bewildering at first, but keep reading and learning. I'm biased towards raw feeding, having changed over from a good quality complete a couple of months ago, and I have to say my two whippets have never looked so healthy on their mix of raw meat, pulped veg, fish, oils and raw eggs (and they almost polish their bowls with their tongues, they love the food so much!).

Here's the link about food choices if you're interested: Feeding

There are lots of other pages in FAQ, on a variety of subjects from "scared of fireworks" to "avoiding email scams" to "choosing pet insurance" :thumbsup:
Just really caught up with this thread Venture - sorry youve been having a spot of trouble. :(

I suppose all puppies are different, I have two whippets and Kobi the youngest one is now 8 months and he was the one that howled the place down - but it only lasted a few nights - and I also used a crate wit the advice of the good people on K9 - Id never used one before even though I ve had 2 whippets before Oscar and Kobi.

I do hope it settles down over the next few nights for you -(Im almost sure it will soon) it is aweful when you are not getting any sleep - its worse than having a new born baby (To me anyway)

but lovely with it as well :wub: :wub: :thumbsup: oh and good Luck :luck:
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Really glad he settled for you at last Venture, we feed our pups 4 times a day, breakfast, dinner, tea & supper, we feed raw beef & tripe mixed with raw veg & rice they thrive on it and there coats are really glossy and shiny, :luck: for future nights and fingers crossed this is your turning point then you can just sit back relax and enjoy him, hurry up with pics.
I forgot to mention with Spry I found it good to play for a bit just before bed to tire her out,throwing toys round the room so she had to chase them,then quiet time, it worked too :thumbsup:
i've had my whippetty cross for the grand total of 5 days(!) and i found she's loads better if i give her some clothes to sleep on, one whiff of me and shes out cold. is that good or bad? :b
venture said:
I have found this site and registered in the hope that someone can help me with some advice.  I have had a whippet puppy for 4 days now.  He is 4 months old and to be honest I have never experienced behaviour problems like it with any other type of puppy I have trained in the past.  To be honest even though he is adorable he is driving me and my neighbours mad.  I understand that whippets are very owner loving dogs and need to be around their owner a lot, but I seem to have turned into a recluse as I can't leave the house any more because of the noise he is causing as well as the damage to my doors in the house. Please. please can some one help.  Other websites offer advice but it costs a fortune so I am hoping someone can help.  Great website by the way with some adorable dogs.

I'm a very new member, too!

I know that problem very well.

My advice is: another dog.

Our Guszti was a real demon at home alone. Since we have our magyar agar, Cókmók, there is no problem at all.

Try to get another dog! Whippets need company. :)
Hi Venture,

Just checking in to see how you are going.

Presume the lack of posts means that you are having a great time with your pup and no more seperation traumas (w00t) :thumbsup:

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