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Found Dog Think May Be Pregnant Help Please

:huggles: Glad she is back with her mummy :huggles:

A nice happy ending and well done you. :flowers:
Hooray glad Gucci found her mum :huggles: Well done to you Shell for taking care of her :huggles:
Glad everything turned out well.

Well done Shell for taking the time and trouble to look after Gucci.
Have just read all this thread.Well done for all you did for little Gucci.Was so nice to read that she had a mummy who cared for her.We now have had a darling little girl called Penny whom we got in the same way. :huggles:


the only problem with all of this is it has made me miss my baby i gave my long haired gsd to my sister earlier this year because he was too giddy and kept knocking my 2 yr old daughter oven it wasnt his fault he was just being a pup he is just turned 1 and even now it breaks my heart everytime i see a pic of him thats who huggy bear is i would give anything to have just 5 mins cuddles she lives 4 hours drive away so i probably wont see him till next year and its been 3 or 4 months already :(
awwww,lovely to see such a happy ending!well domne you and well done for helping the lady with her dogs diet.very kind of you. :cheers: :thumbsup:
hiya guys just another thankyou for all your support and also to let you know i saw gucci again yesterday her mum brought her back with a thank you card and some choccys also to ask if i could cut her hair, as i cut mums dogs and the neighbours

anyway we ended up spending 2 hours together having a haircut and nattering about gucci and her life it was great

we had a couple of cuppas and really enjoyed seeing her again

she is also gona keep bringing her back every six month or so to get cut again i also gave her a collar as she still didnt have one and i had one in the cuboard from when my gsd was a pup which i had kept
You've done so well :thumbsup: Course you miss your GSD, the long hairs are gorgeous...but you know he is in good hands and you did the right thing...time will come when your daughter is up a bit...she'll most probably be pestering you for a pet :huggles:

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