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Found Dog Think May Be Pregnant Help Please

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Oncethe pups move down into the birth canal its much harder to feel any movement, also they rest up before the birth.

I dont know what to tell you, as not being there as i said before & being able to examine her!!!

Excessive panting can be so many things, labour yes, stress yes, infection in the body yes & a 101 other things, heart problems etc.

Its just taking snippets of your info & trying to sew them altogether. I have had 2 bitches with Inertia & these are the symptons, i have also had a bitch with Septacaemia & these are the symptons (not the swollen abdomen).

Which is why my advice to you was get her checked by a vet, other than that its keep guessing, keep your fingers crossed & pray she is still with you in the morning.

not very large nipple in all honesty her belly is so swollen i dont think they couldnt be any larger than they are unless she had more skin she has no milk that i can see she doesnt like me moving her to check as though she doesnt want to be turned over or on her side she can move if she needs to cos earlier on she chased my cat out into the garden!! just having a look for pdsa number to try them tonight
chasing the cat is a good sign, means she isnt as likely to be ill. have a gentle but firm feel of her stomach. if you put slight pressure, chances are at least one pup would squirm away from your hand.
chasing the cat is a good sign, means she isnt as likely to be ill. have a gentle but firm feel of her stomach. if you put slight pressure, chances are at least one pup would squirm away from your hand.

oops, sorry. it told me web page error :oops:
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hubby cant feel anything moving starting to think this is just a very obese dog poor thing i will settle her down for night and first thing in morning take her to pdsa i have just rang them and they are going to microchip scan her and then scan her abdomen if they feel nesesary and put her in their kennels for 7 days and if no one claims her they will offer her for rehoming, i feel really bad now poor thing could be banged up in a small kennel for a ages alone and scared and its not her fault i feel terrible i offered to keep her here till her owner was found and take her for any treatment but they wouldnt allow it

oh well lets hope her mummy finds her never know her owners might see my advert in the shop before i get to pdsa and save them the trouble :(
i think if she was so heavily pregnant that there should be at least a sign of milk in her teats ? they shouldnt be taught across her belly but a bit "saggy" with milk or signs of it at least ?

there are many seriouse conditions that would cause a severley swollen abdomen but without seeing it i cant offer any advice .

i would contact vet / pdsa etc asap if you can possibly get hold of them ?
its not just her lower abdomen thats swollen its up to her ribs and round the sides like a barrel not just under her , but her legs arnt swollen so surely its not fat or they would be big too?? her face isnt huge nor her tail they all seem in preportion to her length and height

she is settled and not panting at the moment

she has very good hearing and nice bright sparkly brown eyes which to me is a sign of good health as my mum has a deaf and near blind 14 yr old yorkie and she is nothing like that one
please let us know the verdict. everyones hoping :luck: :luck: :luck:

just a thought, i doubt its a nasty pyometra as bitches drink gallons when suffering. if there was any septeceamia (?) she'd be alot more distressed. oh, i'll not sleep tonight for worrying :( :( fingers crossed that if she is, the shock of today hasnt harmed them :luck: :luck: :luck:
USUALLY when a bitch is in pup it is just her abdomen which is swollen and it pulls down the rest of the skin / fat etc so her back bone may be more prominent .

the legs and face dont usually get fat so she could purely ba an obese dog that was panting due to excess weight and stress (w00t)

the best of luck :luck: :luck: :luck:

look forward to reading what happens tomorrow :)
in all honestly you would think she had always lived here she has made herself at home taking over the settee putting my cat in his place watching tv ive never seen a dog in a strange home act so happy

we took her for a walk earlier and when we were in sight of our front door she pulled us too it and pushed her way in the door before anyone else she seems a real madame lol

she has been following us around the house and even made a neighbour give up her dogs bed for her to sleep in tonight haha :lol:

i promise i will keep telling you anything i know
Ohh myy, what a night you are having, but well done for stopping and caring for her. You could try posting on

in "other questions and dog chatter", theres always people online there and you might hit lucky and get someone in your area.

Good luck, and hugs to the little lady :wub:

thanks natalie i will try

and oh my god i come from washington you will have to email me and tell me whereabouts you are incase we get in trouble for using this bit to talk
You have done so well :thumbsup:

Try to settle for the night, see what the PDSA say tomorrow hon., dont know a lot about other breeds at all, but do know hounds 'pant' when stressed...maybe other breeds do as well? 'If only they could talk' indeed! A lot of dogs wont take offered food in unfamiliar surroundings. If she's more got her bearings now and is chilling, then a good sign.

End of the day you saved her from a busy road and have done all you can (and more than could have been asked) tonight...hard as it is try to relax, if she's not obviously in discomfort or restless it can wait till tomorrow. -_-

Mind you, you'll have me wondering all night now :wacko: let us know how it goes PLEASE!
i will do dont worry after all your help i will be more than please to tell you all of her progress
well guys just gona let her out for another wee and then i'm off to bed i'll post in the mornin to let you know how she is and what pdsa say

take care

nighty night


ps huge thanks from me and the woofit
Hope all has been well overnight :(

Perhaps if she is pregnant she's slipped away from home - her owners might not be irresponsible people who let her wander onto a road, but ones who looked the other way for a split second and then found she was gone. I remember years ago our GSD kept trying to wander off when she was in whelp. Is there a dog warden in your area? And can someone scan her for a chip?

Well done you for taking her in. How is she this morning? :luck:
Any more news, hope she is OK. :luck:
Yes hope she is ok too :luck: - any news of the little girl. :unsure:
Wish we had some news :(

Do hope everything is ok ?


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