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Have a cheetah ever exhibited at coursing meet?

Sidewinder........It must be terrible being so perfect ........and you're knowledge of running dog's is far superior to any one's on this board ..........So us humble little people can teach you nothing, so why don't you find another site that can answer your questions :cheers:
O.K. Side ***ker Lets get one thing straight on this site if we need someone to talk bollocks we just send Lampy some Bristol Cream and the job is done

So cut the crap

As always with respect Clive .
Strike Whippets just shut up because you just proved yourself to be almost entirely incredible too many times. CSS where did you come from? You hoes are just mad because I'm telling the truth. You guys haven't presented any facts at all but, are mad at the truth. The brown hare runs no faster than a house cat which is thirty miles an hour. The jack rabbit ,which originated in Germany but vastly populates the United States, runs from 45 to 50 miles an hour and covers the ground with an astonishing 20 feet a bound. The jack rabbit also weighs about 12 lbs with the females usually being larger. You tell me which is faster. Do you guys even know about the prey? The American Jackrabbit can run at 50 miles per hour while the brown hare ,which you guys may be familiar with, at only pretty much is at 35 miles an hour. This is the internet and you guys sasly don't know. Don't get mad at me for knowing the truth get mad at yourselves for hating the truth. No one said the whippet was a poor runner but it has an inferior speed to the Sloughi(generally) for sure an the American Greyhound. That is all was said. If the whippets in your land is so fast why haven't anyone posted them catching red foxes or any type of deer?? But then again, the red fox is known for being one of the world's fastest land animals at about 45 miles an hour. HHMMM, maybe that is the reason why.The same pregant brown hare females getting caught simply aren't impressive fellows. Some pictures even look manipulated like those two dogs chasing that one hare. I asked a simple question about the cheetah and sighthounds and you guys got mad over nothing. Yet you guys have not presented any facts at all. But remain steadfast on hating the truth.
I just answered you're question, i did tell you it was only something that i heard when i was young .......You have no rights to be so condesending and rude. We really don't give a s**t if the jackrabbits bigger or faster than our common old English hare as they live in your country, not ours.........Why would you want to see pictures of our decent dogs with dead deer and foxes ??......Just wondering as i don't think any of us feel the need to prove ourselves or our dogs to tossers like you .......Have a good day
i love these topics! hey sh***winder does the brown hare run at 30 or 35mph , i think your confused ? bring some jackrabbits over here & i bet we can sort them ! you must come from an inferia country & your lacking securety or somthing! have nice day yol :p
Hello young Bywater. I'm inclined to agree with you as far as this Sidewinder person is concerned. I suspect that he wouldn't recognise a decent hare if one bit his bum! -_- .

Still suffering fools

Note for CCS.. Hi Clive. Where have you been? I can see that you are impressed by that jackrabbit nutter from the states. At least Iwrite genuine rubbish. Thankyou for your kind words but I should point out that there is more to me than bristol cream alone you know. I will gladly take sloe gin, drambuie(proper coursing juice) cognac and port and all together in the same glass if needs be!!

See you at Diss I suppose. Have you found a decent dog yet?? :lol: .

The friend of all true sportsmen and binge drinkers

I do my UTMOST to qualify on BOTH counts, Lampy....

Don't know how he gets the idea that salukis are faster than watching paint dry.......I suspect his standard of accuracy remains consistant throughout his posts.

Ho hum ....we who KNOW must spread THE WORD. 8)
The friend of all true sportsmen and binge drinkers
umm i'm definatly out on the drinking part (I don't drink) not sure about the other? :(
it's nice to have a true Yank on the members list!

They always have BIGEER :eek: , BETTER :eek: , and are full of crap? :oops:
Last edited by a moderator:
yea mark they are full of crap! they no nowt about out, they should try & catch "bin lampin" instead of jack rabbits! we wil have to take are whippets over to sort it for them (like the britts normally do) :D
Well at least your Whippet will return when that hare / jack rabbit is heading for a busy road and your shouting your head off! I believe Salukis have a tendancy to run and not come back! :unsure:

Anyhow the best things come in small packages! :D
Mark Roberts said:
it's nice to have a true Yank on the members list!
They always have BIGEER  :eek: , BETTER  :eek: , and are full of crap?  :oops:
Actually we have got some very nice US folks on here. With some damn good performance dogs.

I'm wondering if this one has escaped from the biker bar.

Whatever it's a Troll Phall De Rhall. So best ignored unless people fancy having a row that is. :- "
maybe sidewinder has got confused between a jackrabbit and a jackalope :D

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