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Have a cheetah ever exhibited at coursing meet?

Oh dear i've proved sidewhiner right Michelle..........running shoe' stupid and vague could i be :oops:
Sidewinder said:
. If the whippets in your land is so fast why haven't anyone posted them catching red foxes or any type of deer?? But then again, the red fox is known for being one of the world's fastest land animals at about 45 miles an hour. HHMMM, maybe that is the reason why.
Is that "Vulpes Vulpes" or do you have your very own red fox " Canis Vulpes Yankees"? English whippets bring foxes down all the time (ours do anyway). English Whippets also do roebuck, being less bloodthirsty & more sporting than our trans- Atlantic brethren I doubt if we put them against the larger deer species.

Personally I'd welcome Tony Lewis's views on this. He courses in the states on a regular basis plus his writing is intelligable.

BTW "what are you using"

Terry Smith
Lampy You get my vote mate the quality of the bollocks you talk is 2nd to none.

As of last night we now have a litter of Border Terrier pups. There mothers joy is lessend by the words of the *ank as we thought we had been taking fox for years only to find that we have been catching a very much slower almost cute red sloth type animal ?

Also got my new lurcher pup this week she looks good and is from a long line of good working dogs and it look like she will never take a Jack Rabbit

If only i could be American and full of crap ?

Do it dont tell us about it

Regard from the man that works his dogs while you talk crap
nice one ccs, going back to the deer about 2 months ago my whippet went after 2 deer while i was sprinting him around my local wooded area,my daughter spotted him the other side of the woods right behind them going full tilt" they then dissapeared into thick vegitation , about 5mins later we found him & he"d run into somthing , took him to the vets & he give him some anti inflamatries for a swollen wind pipe,when i told him what he"d been after he said whippets are one of the gamest dogs around ! i said "no shit" , i dont incourage deer but if he takes off & trys to pulll one down what can you do?
Now you all might find this difficult to believe, but coming from me you will know that it is true. I was out with my girls this pm on fields of rape and wheat somewhere in east anglia. Near Beccles actually. Anyway,giant EA hares were much in evidence naturally and The Trick and The Madam were keen to be released to joust with the afore mentioned leviathans but I held them back having no wish to course out of season as all but Greeny would of course do. From behind a building holding straw, yes, a barn there emerged this huge beast resembling a hare but several times the size of your average east anglian giant. Additionally it was cloaked in a flag closely resembling a stars and stripes. My girls were petrified as you would expect but having said that and as they are plucky little whippets( not any where near the calibre of USA running dogs of course) they eventually gave chase. I estimate that the beast was travelling at about 43.5 mph as my girls got into there stride. Undaunted , although still petrified, they galloped over the rape and into the next parish. I feared for their safety and held my breath until I saw them returning at distance some minutes later. I then breathed again and as they approached I could see that they held in their mouths fragments of blue and white cloth bearing stars and stripes. Clearly they had done battle with this hitherto unseen beast of the field. They had my friends encountered what I believe is the first recorded JACKRABBIT in this country. We must all be brave and stand four square against this invasion and the threat it poses to our miserable attempt at hare coursing. In saying this I issue a cry of help to SIDEWINDER and plead with him to help rid us of this menace. SIDEWINDER, this country needs you. You must not abandon us in our hour of need.

The genuinely frightened

Lampingman (w00t)
LOL! Thanks for the laugh Lamping Man.

Nice one! :thumbsup:
The jack rabbit ,which originated in Germany but vastly populates the United States, runs from 45 to 50 miles an hour and covers the ground with an astonishing 20 feet a bound.


Until you made the statement above your posts were quite credible! The N. American Jackrabbit

is a native of N. America and can be found all the way from Mexico up into Alberta, Canada.

There are I understand some Eoropean Hares (Imported) in a few States, Wisconsin for example.

Before moving to the USA I regularly coursed the brown European hare and once in a while the Nnative blue hare.

Based on my own personal experience I'd put the relative speeds of the N.American jack specis as follows:

The Antelope Jack, found mostly in Arizona and Mexico, but it is now illegal to hunt these due to dwindling numbers.

The Whitetailed Jack that is mostly coursed in Wyoming. These are also now protected in many states.

A very close second is the Blacktailed Jack from the Las Cruces area of New Mexico.

Black Tails found in other parts of the USA.

The European Brown hare as coursed in the UK. What it lacks in speed it more than makes up for in agility.

The Scottish Blue hare. The terrain makes this difficult to catch, or at least that's what I found.

I'd like to try the hares found in Spain and Portugal. I have no first hand knowledge of these.

There is another hare found on the Pampas of Argentina. I understand these are not native, but were introduced by sportsmen years ago. Maybe one day!

I have a VCR tape of Cheetahs from the San Diego Zoo, lure coursing. The Zoo introduced this to keep them fit and occupied which vastly improved their breeding success.

I'd imagine that any Whippet run with a Cheetah would end up as a Cheetah snack.

It seems like while I was gone you were entertaining yourselves with who can be the stupidest. After realizing that most of you are just a bunch of saloon drunks I see why you seem hopelessly stupid. Because you have no answer to questions you have wondered off of the topic to start telling lies and calling names. You whiskey and scotch guzzling drunks feel insecure about yor dogs' performance so you have resorted to hunting brown hare only and creating exscuses as to why they have not hynted competitive game. Strike whippets is a emotionally unfir loser. e is whining because I noterd that his statement sound more like a hypothetical guess than anything else. Talking about rude, he hasn't put anything credible on this board yet. He went berserk sobbering crying because his claim was vague.You guys have yet to prove the value in your dogs. Paul bywater wrote a creative open ended STORY about "hunting deer". It seems that they ran off and caught some sort of a whipping by the deer that left bruises. :lol: Like I said before, you guys haven't supplied of your unfit dogs tackling any true

game. Those 30 mile an hour brown hare is all you do. Lamping man has a tendency to say "you guys no it is the truth because I am saying it." Now his word doesn't mean crap in my book and he has much to prove. So do the rest of you.
whippet for your whippet info

black jack facts

It seems like your outgunned fellows. The loud rhetoric simply can't beat the facts fellows. If the site is visible you see the better game as well as hounds e have over here. Sure a black jack hare can spurt to 30 m.p.h. but it can sustain the 50 mile an hour speed no other hare can do. Especially Europes little brown hare. You guys think your rag tag hounds are kool. But, to put it simple they ain't KOLD ENUFF. Yet, u talkin' as if they were known to run. That 1 guy said out of his own mouth that his dogs coudn't take a deer down! What more can you see when your own partner says it? A little advice. try starting out with turtles first, before they hit the water. You might want adult cuz those babies can crawl a bit fast. Word to the wise. If you like to lie make sure it isn't this easy to disprove. As for the guy with the cheetah videos, I tried to contact the San Diego Zoo for a possibility of a rafe against the Caliente greyhounds but those losers are hard to contact. Personally i feel a U.S. field coursing greyhound would be a fair competitor due to the 55 m.p.h. that makes it one of the highest speed averages.

View attachment 2045
Sidewinder said:
. As for the guy with the cheetah videos, I tried to contact the San Diego Zoo for a possibility of a rafe against the Caliente greyhounds but those losers are hard to contact. Personally I feel a U.S. field coursing greyhound would be a fair competitor due to the 55 m.p.h. that makes it one of the highest speed averages.
I guess I'm the guy with the videos! There is at least one commercially available video available in the USA of the San Diego Cheetahs coursing. It is on George Bells video "Origins of Lure Coursing." It used to be available through the American Sighthound Fanciers Association. George Bell now lives in California where he is an active member of NOFCA.

If you came over to the San Diego Zoo anything like you sound on this list I'd be amazed if they'd give you the time of day.

Does the term "Get Stuffed" mean anything to you.

You still haven't explained your Jackrabbits "Made in Germany" remark. I have to wonder how those Peublo Indians managed to decorate those clay pots with Jackrabbits from a time pre the Spanish explorers and the petroglyphs depicting the animals the original Native Americans hunted, some of which, featuring Jackrabbits have been carbon dated as several

thousand years old. Maybe the "Old Ones" as they are called saw them in National Geographic and copied them.

I don't know if you actually have greyhounds but there are two weekend meets in Wyoming,

17/18 and 24/25 April. Bring out your greyhounds and lets see what they can do against the Whitetailed Jacks of Medicine Bow and some very fine coursing dogs.

As my old coursing mate is want to say " When the tailgate drops. The bullshit stops."
Oh how good it is to read a post from a man not full of shit and his own dogs self importance Tony,

This forum is sounding more & more like a 2nd rate lurcher site (My dogs are better than yours!) the only time you find out is when you match them so go on Sidewinder take up Tony's invitation and give your dogs a run and well all wait with baited breath for the right up.

as for StrikeWhippets being a poor Looser you obviously dont know [SIZE=14pt]HER[/SIZE] ay Hannah
well i dont know where to start? saloon drunks?whiskey guzzaling? turtles? i think this boy needs reminding of where the mayflower sailed from? we were in PUBS running dogs while the original yanks US were farming & staking land! its all getting a bit hillybillyish for me ,so lets not talk crap with yank & get back to ENGLISH whippets! p.s i think sidewinder stared in deliverence! sqeel like a pig boooooooy!!!!!!!!!!!(anybody selling a banjo!) :blink: ;)
Tony Lewis= Facts


Thats the facts as Paul as said lets get back to Whippets and hope Tony can post the results IF ? the sidewinger as in fact got a dog at all.

With Respect Clive.

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