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I'm just wondering why Sidewinder is using a picture of Io in one of his posts. Io was NOFCA's number one coursing whippet this past season. Unless Sidewinder if really named Lisa, using her picture without any comment attached was mystifying.

Those that have dogs that can ~ DO

Those that haven't bitch about everyone else's.
Sidewinder my friend. I have read with much interest your various outrageous comments of late and have concluded that you should take up some pastime at which you could excel. The subject of running dogs is clearly a step too far for you.I know SW stick to what many of us see as the stereotype that is , lots of junk food to fill a big mouth and a firm committment to continue polluting the planet. Leave dogs to the Brits we have afterall had hundreds of years of practise. :))

The ever sympathetic

Sidewinder sounds suspiciously as if he's spend much more time reading up on dogs and coursing than he has spent coursing. It is very easy to 'read up' on dogs and different types of hares. It is much more difficult to get off one's ass and actually experience these.

So, Sidewinder, what are your 'bona fides'???

Is that lovely white Whippet yours, by any chance? I have my doubts.

Sidewhiner .........Do you really, really :wub: us :x ........'cos we :wub: you too :x as you've touched all of our lives so much in the short time that we've known you .........NOW P##S OFF BACK TO FANTASY LAND, where all of your friends live like pluto and mickey :clown: .......As i said earlier, non of us really care that the jack rabbit is soooo much faster than our common little brown hare as jack rabbits DON'T LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY (and he has the cheek to call us stupid duh... :blink: ) making this topic completely IRRELEVANT to us dumb whiskey drinking stupid people :- " And as for us feeling insecure about our dogs "performances" (w00t) (w00t) non of us have a problem with our dogs (and yes they are our dogs and not borrowed pictures of other peoples :oops: ) and non of us feel the need to prove our dogs to you ........So there :angry:

I really don't know what i've done to offend you, but i do get this niggling suspicion that you don't like me :( ......Oh well what a shame.....i don't like you either (w00t)

:cheers: for now Hannah and the very fast and athletic Strike Whippets :thumbsup:
Let us have a moment of silence. Pause....... Now are you ready? For one thing I nknow every bit more about coursing than you do and you better believe that. You guys aren't drawing conlusions but rather are trying to counter attack the facts with an assymetrical form. For instance, Merril or whoever tries to manuever the argument in it's way. Who ever said I owned the whippet posted in the first place? Is that your own little way of trying to ease your OWN insecure feelings in regards to your lack of knowledge when it comes to field coursing? According to the other ratfinks on this board think that I am Anti-whippet and Pro-Saluki just to get you updated a little bit comrade. I actually didn't even argue against the whippet but certainly said it's speed is inadequate for coursing. Do not be jealous of me because I know what I know. I know what those who care to learn can find to be factual. The truth awaits knowledge knowledge should seek then to acquire truth. Instead you whiskey and scotch guzzling nuts love dreamland where your unreal, unproven and down right foolish statements can seem real as you are. I know what I know and that is much more than what you SEEM to know. You can't beat that fact with a bat. Look at this. Though I have provided the truth of coursing you go to TRYING to push what is true in DOUBT. Note, TRYING. I said the blackedtail jackrabbit was MUCH faster than your much beloved brown hare(and any other for that instance) and you pretty much doubted it. So when I let Jack's Facts tell you then I can hear the devils in the U.K. screaming out og jealousy of me and the U.S.' athletic performance. Jealousy of dogs have gotten you to the point that you disrespect a nation that saved your helpless butts from the honorable Germans. But, hey what can I say? That is what jealousy do. You know what I even said that jackrabbits are faster and the fastest of hares allowing ole Western Black Jack to as a reference to the truth. Our blacktailed jackrabbits can spurt easily at 30 miles an hour as that femme link said and can reach it's well known speed of fifty miles an hour. Our White tailed jackrabbits can hit 50 sometimes but usually are 45ers. Look like the more you learn about our superior game and hounds the more you hate. You don't have to use profanity because I KNOW. You DON'T. The jealousy of my knowledge has lead some to say I read as I go along. Well actually everything I am saying know I been said an like I said about facts. They Are nothing unless you can PROVE them. I read and give references to what I KNOW. What I know is whatBlazing Saluki can tell you about certain dogs. I am "American" and I do have the much greater educational advantage over you repressed individuals. How can you not know though? Notice I never shout viscious rhetoric due to my educational advantage. You go and ask your friends their opinion and they tell you the SAME thing then you come back on the board madder than ever. I know something about dogs but I can't ail mental bi-polar disorder. Your dogs tried to catch deer and instead caught beatings? Other dogs aren't even known. I provided a posting of a well known American lure courser to show you OUR sport athletes. Yep. A fine display of flexibility in a hypnotic pursuit never witnessed before by you lackeys. You on the other hand post pictures that look manipulated and everything else. Show me the camera tricks in that post. Like I said in my last posting, "your dogs aren't cold enough." They are nameless and unknown. I wouldn't doubt that you shot some of hares pellets and hung them for postings to attain some sort of honor. I wouldn't doubt you drunks. You don't have cam-corders in the U.K.? Or is it just simpler to shoot it and take a picture of the preys unscarred side?
Sidewinder, how about showing us pictures of "your" dogs, rather than other peoples? You do have a camera, right? Io is pictured racing, not lure coursing. You claim to "know" a lot, but a lot of it is pure garbage that looks like it is gleaned from unscientific web sites. Please tell us about your own dogs and your own personal experience coursing YOUR hounds. I sincerely doubt you can.
Methinks Sidewinder has run out of medication :) I echo Robyn's request that you tell us all about your dogs. For instance, where do you course in the US of A?

As to the rest of your post, well, you 'know what you know', so I won't argue with that. I suppose knowing what I know will simply have to suffice. And I do know that Whippets have sufficient speed to catch black-tailed jacks :D

Back to 'guzzling' my Scotch...

Sidewinder, now that I've muddled through your post twice (quite hard to read - it seems your superior education doesn't carry over to your writing skills)...I think you are simply a bored troll looking to pick fights. As a matter of fact, I think you are likely an Anti stirring the pot.

Go back from whence you came. Until you can prove that you are active in the American coursing world, I say you don't exist.


Sh*t, where's that Scotch bottle :) are the rudest and most condescending person that i have ever seen on this site........You have put our Whippets down to being bags of shit compared to the dogs from your side of the world.

You speak of being well that case why can't you spell properly ??......I really don't know why you are so obsessed with seeing pictures of our dogs with their kills, is it because you want to see what a decent dog looks like or have you got the monopoly on fast coursing dogs ?? I also think that if you got you're head out of you're ass long enough to read through this site properly, you'll find that there are some pretty handy, duel purpose dogs on here. This is a WHIPPET SITE (a site for Whippet owners just in case you haven't grasped that one :thumbsup: ) not a site for people like you.

You tell us our dogs can be no good because you've never heard of them.......well shock.....we've never heard of any of your lot (apart from Tony Lewis's and they are decent dogs :thumbsup: ) So tell us about your flying machine's, what breed are they, colour, what have they won etc...?? as a matter of fact don't bother, even if you do have dogs (which i doubt), we are all so :x :x to death of you that i really don't think that you are welcome on this p##s off and stop bothering us with you're incessant crap, as i for one can no longer be bothered to answer you.

Thanks for all of your knowledge and expertise, i have learnt so much from you (not).....Hannah and the beautifully accurate Strike Whippets :* :* :*
Well Robyn. Science isn't based on the mere simplicity of your weak insufficient "understanding." You wouldn't know one way or the other. Therefore, when reading the facts that I print, it is either up to you to take it or let it alone. You can reject the truth but you aren't larger than the facts. Also when you get the funding for something equivalent to a U.S. 8th grade education I will consider you. Whether the dog was coursing, racing or chasing flies is not an issue. The point is it was doing something you never witnessed before. When those alcoholics in England can prove us wrong that is only when you can cheerlead in the background sister. Other guy, whippets may be able to catch jacks by exhausting them but, not by speed. NEVER. This is to no one in particular but, when you are fact supported THEN you can afford to pick debates. Many of you are--forget it-- all of you have written baseless claims and entertain board members by by giving me a trivia, ironically, to test me though you have no backing but word of mouth. My dogs did this and that yet you europeans are known to tell lies. From Lochness, Santa Clause to the very claims of your own whippets you lie. Who are you to trust?? There are certainly nothing to support your claims. I know more about coursing history in the U.K. than you do. All of this started because I said truthfully and proudly that the United States would be the ultimate testing grouns for a cheetah,greyhound and Ibizan coursing event. That's all. Yes! it would be! Then YOU started writing post laced with hints of jealousy. You said a whippet would beat a cheetah and your hares are as fast as well as hordes of other false claims.I could care less about some rag tag under grown whippets with inadequate speed for coursing. You idiots can't even breed them write anyway. We know. AND WE KNOW. You are so obsessed with the 22" whippet that any thing taller isn't permitted in breeding and coursing. You are against the silke hunde or long haired whippet as you may call them. But I will let you entertain yourselves because I know better. You don't know enough to debate with me though you try. I am a heavyweight with my knowledge. You and your dogs are legends in your own minds. Messages like "Man I swear my dog flew-you gotta believe me!", " My dog hit 45 did a 360 in mid-air and hovered over the hare! I swear it did!" are NOT HARDLY fact supported. Matter of fact, the facts opposes these statements. A lot you know about U.S. coursing. Some of you thought we push dogs off moving trucks to catch coyotes. That says a whole LOT right there. That isn't even a form of coursing. That's something farmers do to handle coyotes more so. With so much empty space in your heads don't try to put me to the test when YOU got SO MUCH to prove. Do for self. How about you bring the 22" rag tags to the U.S. of A. for a real field test? I promise you will be disappointed as well as disproved. Come to the West and I will show you who's the best. I started a fresh message about cheetah and sighthound performance and like any man setting out to picnic the flies, ants and maggots had to mess up the day. Don't write to me unless it got facts just as I have provided. I don't need to hear more of your nonesense postings.
well said hannah , its time to leave this idiot to dreaming about owning a true longdog & i suggest we dont bite. its been nice to see all the whippeteers sticking together for our traditional running dog sports! like my moto ses union is strenth! rule britannia ! :cheers:
I'll stick with you Paul .....and where do'es he get that 22" Whippet for coursing from ??......He certainly hasn't checked out his facts......well he can't help being a tosser, and as for the Salukie, Greyhound Cheetah race, do'es he not know that this is a Whippet forum ??.....I suggest that we ignore sidewa###er and hope that it go'es away :- " as its only out to cause trouble and we all know how great our Whippets are without having to prove them to any one :thumbsup:
I forgot to add are really annoying and where ever you get most of your info from, it's WRONG........I'm glad in away that you did turn up because as Paul said it's nice to see all of the Whippet people sticking together, but then again on this forum you'd expect that :huggles: ......Now you have accomplished nothing, you may leave and please don't bother coming back as no-one likes you on here, so go and be annoying on some other forum as you are not welcome here (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) .......bye bye ...lots of love and thinking of you always :x from Hannah and the ever elegant Strike Whippets :cheers:
catchjack said:
Sidewinder, now that I've muddled through your post twice (quite hard to read - it seems your superior education doesn't carry over to your writing skills)...I think you are simply a bored troll looking to pick fights.  As a matter of fact, I think you are likely an Anti stirring the pot.
Go back from whence you came.  Until you can prove that you are active in the American coursing world, I say you don't exist.


Sh*t, where's that Scotch bottle  :)
Pass the bottle catchjack!

For those that don't know Merril has some of the best coursing and racing Whippets in the USA

I strongly suspect that Robyn and catchjack come from the same part neck of the woods and have a similar background.

I think we are just wasting our time in feeding the Troll sidewinder (Shouldn't that be changed to SIDEWHINER?)

If he ever gets around to posting something sensible I'll reply.

I have this feeling that sidewhiner is quite skilled in purposely stiring the shit ! No one can possibly be that stupid and insulting without knowing it. I just wonder who he really is? I'd be ashamed if I thought he really was an American.

Maybe I should apologize on his behalf. I don't know any other Americans that course that think like he does.

Please don't feed him any more!!!
I have to agree with Tony. Jeez the other guy likes the sound of his own voice!

And the weapon of choice in the north is Stella! :- "


Scott. :cheers:
I have a feeling we know this person and he/she is just tossing bait at us. No one could be this silly and be perfectly serious at the same time. I guess we have been fooled by a troll after all.

Definatly a troll :eek: or a Tosser :blink: :wacko: :unsure: .....either that or they are really stupid :- "
Sidewinder said:
You idiots can't even breed them write anyway.
...breed them RIGHT....

Shouldn't you be showing off your superior American education? Jeez, most third graders can tell their basic homonyms apart!

Yew shud rite gooder, seense yur more smarterer then evry-won else.

Aint that just so rite Fizgig, he shud b abel to spell and speak better than wot we can , with his education and all (w00t) (w00t) :- " :- "

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