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Help Pls!! My Puppy Jack Russel

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I tend not to be scared of saying what I think, in real life or in intenet life but I do always try to say it in a calm, polite (ish) manner.

It's great that it's all working out for you now, partly due to the help and advise you've had from members of this forum and I'm sure we ALL hope that you and your new dog will have many happy years together.

But (and it's a pretty big but), it is true that the way you've gone about acquiring your new dog is far from ideal (in my opinion anyway) and it's a way that most members of the forum would probably steer others away from.

For example, you said you got your dog on impulse because your partner and son wanted one. It's never a good idea to get a dog (or other pet) on impulse. Why? Because (and I'm speaking generally now) it doesn't give time to make sure that it's the best thing for your family, that the dog is the most suitable one for your family, your circumstances and your experience. It doesn't give you time to make all your preparations (including financial) and to set everything up including working out which insurance you want to take up. It means that you have to shell out (financially) for everything all in one go (bed, collar, puppy food, wormers, vaccinations possibly, toys, treats, books to read and learn from etc etc etc).

Secondly, you got the pup from someone you don't know - fair enough. Many of us get dogs from people we've never met before, but, you didn't ask the questions you should have asked BEFORE you brought your pup home. It didn't ring any alarm bells with you that the 'breeder' didn't offer you information straight up regarding vaccinations and worming. It's so important that people choose where they get their dogs from sooooo carefully. There are very unscrupulous people around in the dog world (and the rest of the world too unfortunately).

Thirdly, this is a public forum so if you post asking questions or asking for advice or personal thoughts on something, it's not fair that you only accept the positives and not the negatives.

Fourthly (and finally), it really could have been a very dangerous situation that you put your pup in regarding not having the money available to take him to the vet. Luckily for you but more importantly - for him, speaking to the vet on the phone was enough. Nobody here or any other dog forum would be positive and jolly about someone taking on any dog without having the financial means available to provide emergency treatment.

I'm sure that you yourself would not want to encourage anyone else to get their dog in the way you have? I'm sure you'd like them to learn from your errors?

That's why its important that you accept the negative comments in this thread, as well as the positive ones.

Like I said at the start, I wish you and your pup all the best :)

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Oh dear. That was a fair post, Sprout. I'm glad everything's worked out and that maybe there is one less unprepared dog owner out there. I don't suppose we can all be friends now? :sweating:
There a a lot of VERY experienced dog owners on K9, Jammie, and Im sure they were all offering you their best advice and suggestions not asking for an argument on the matter. No ones judging you, just offering you whats best or the dog at the end of the day. :thumbsup:
come on guys,lifes too short and all that? :) :thumbsup: at the end of the day the lady came here for advice,she got some,and if you dont agree with how she acquired the pup at least shes asking the right questions and wanting my book that means she CARES.if she didnt shed not she says if the dog needed treatment she couldnt afford shes ask friends and relatives for help.come on now lets shake hands and be friends ok? :)
jammiebasket said:
. one thing I would ask though, when do I stop giving him the yogurt? is it when I stop giving him the rice, chicken and fish? or should I stop now that his stomach seems to of settled?


You can slowly phase it out, you can continue giving it or just give him some as a treat every now and then. I always give some the moment i noticed any even minor tummy upset.

You were extremely lucky, several puppies had this infection recently, and they were ill for week or more, some had to be put on a drip.
Glad to hear Jax is on the mend, :huggles: it can be very hard Jammie asking for advice on an open forum sometimes we get more oppinions than advice, but on the whole it's the best place to come, you just have to listen to the things you need and ignore the rest. :thumbsup:

Also when you write things on a post it can sound a lot different than if you were telling it yourself so there's always room for misinterpretation(sp), people will often read into things the way they see it and give their oppinions on that, whether it's what we want to hear or not :blink: don't let it put you off :thumbsup:

By the way have you got any pics for us :wub:
[SIZE=14pt]Shaking hands and appologising if i sounded harsh...... :- " [/SIZE]


Hope Jax is ok and continues to thrive, thankfully he is ok!! :cheers: :thumbsup:
jammiebasket said:
yeah I do have pics but I have taken them with my mobile phone as I don't have a digital camera. For somereason it wont let me post them up here it just keeps telling me their is an error  :( . I will be hoping to get a digital camera about xmas time so will hopefully get one up then. :)


That means the file is too big; needs to be resized to 75KB or less
jammiebasket said:
ok thats me added a personal photo unfortunatly because it's from my mobile it's not great resolution  :( , But at least you now have some idea of what my baby looks like. :D


Cant see anything?? where have you put the file??
Hes lovely Jammie, :wub: Im so glad hes on the mend. It is very worrying when they are ill - worse than children sometimes. :sweating: :sweating:
Awww he's a real sweetie :wub: :wub: :wub: bet he's a little rebel too though :D
Glad everything is working out for you all.

he's a good looking dog.
Nice looking JRT, always had a soft spot for them my first dog was a working type russell. Now I have a Patterdale Terrier (plus a Boxer, & GSD)


I was not getting on at you with the comments I made before. I was just stating that with many insurances you pay out monthly (£10ish) and still get the smaller £20 -£40 regular vets bills to pay on top of that. Plus the larger vets bills for neutering as they are not covered by the plans. :cheers:
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