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Hi this is street dog shelter

Street dog shelter

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Hi am Guruprasad the founder of street dog shelter street dog shelter or SDS is a donation based non profit for dogs in India we mainly concentrate in recusing street dogs and to provide proper shelters to them our goal is to create the "world's first dog sanctuary "

was started on January 28 2018 trough the funds from our crowd funding campaign on and till now working efficiently in rescuing dogs around India
wow what an amazing team you are @Street dog shelter - thank you for looking after the dogs that are not so fortunate to have family homes. They are very lucky to have you. :)

Anything I can try and do to help - please let me know!
P.S If you type ' Street Dog Shelter' into you it brings up some very sad dog stories :( makes me feel so sorry for them
What a wonderful thing to do. I love the pointy-nosed dog in the last picture :)

Do you neuter the dogs to prevent further pups, or is that beyond your means at present?
What a wonderful thing to do. I love the pointy-nosed dog in the last picture :)

Do you neuter the dogs to prevent further pups, or is that beyond your means at present?
currently we are not neutering our dogs we are planning for a fundraiser soon for the essential needs such as ambulance and a permanent veterinarian and medical facilities which will includes neutering of our dogs
sorry @Street dog shelter - I meant that when you search for 'Street dog shelter' is also brings up other dog related fundraisers and makes you aware how many dogs need help out there

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Meet the baby who (and whose tail!) does not know how to give up on life!

Whisky was run over by a tractor on 14thoctober and has been fighting for her life since. Her bladder has been ruptured and there is water retention around his kidneys. As you can imagine, her treatment is quite expensive.

As per Dr Santosh from Dr Rana's clinic, Its the rarest case and If she survives then It would be a miracle. When Dr said chances are very less before surgery, we wanted to take chance. She had to go through surgery twice and one more final surgery ll be done in 2 weeks. Her Urethral was ruptured, Dr put a catheter and we are waiting the tube to be healed on its own. If its healed then she ll survive, Dr still not sure about it. My Intuition and her strong will power say that she ll survive. we need your support, financially and also your blessings and prayers.

Between food and medical bills,we are running short of funds. X-rays, ultrasounds, surgery as well as post-surgery treatment, around Rs. 400000 is expected to be spent. Any amount that you will contribute will help in saving Whisky’s life.

She refuses to give up. I need you not to give up on her either

You can

1. Donate to Street Dog Shelter's directly with a note "for Whiskey"
Pay Guru prasad using PayPal.Me

2.Donate to whiskey's donor box
Save wiskey | street dog shelter (Powered by DonorBox)

3.Donate to whiskey's fundraiser

For more Info and volunteering opportunities please visit our website

Please don't forget to share and spread the word as whiskey need help immediately so share,tweet and tell your friends to save wishkey (note while tweeting use hashtag #savewishkey and #sds

Sharable fundraiser link (people who can't contribute at thime please share this link and spread the link for wishkey
Save wiskey | street dog shelter (Powered by DonorBox)
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Dear @merlina please take some time to share and spread the word please also consider to donate if you can because alone we cannot do anything thank you

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